Show Off Your Divergent and Fangirl Pride!

Two awesome bloggers, ailment Carmen from Oh The Book Feels and Amber from GrownUp Fangirl, viagra sale came up with a REALLY cool t-shirt design.

It was so cool that I didn’t even get a t-shirt of it, but instead, a hoodie.

There’s only ONE problem.

In order to get it printed, there need to be 50 orders. As of right now, when I’m writing this, they are up to 25 out of the necessary 50. They have a week and a day to get 25 more orders so that we get this awesome design.

Want to see it?

Okay, you broke me down, here it is!


Its great, right? I love that its a way to show off being a Divergent fan, but also a way to show off your fangirl pride too. I’m a huge fan of this shirt and I hope the girls get enough orders to get it printed.

So, here’s what you guys MUST do!

Go to this LINK and order your shirt. You can get a regular t-shirt, a fitted shirt or a hoodie, and its not too expensive either. AND it won’t charge you until they reach their goal.

So what are you waiting for? Go pre-order your shirt and let’s help Carmen and Amber get this printed :)

The Grownup Fangirl Book Memories Challenge!

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 5.08.38 PM

My dear friend, rx Amber, salve over at Grownup Fangirl and the brains behind Oh the Book Feels are doing a fun challenge for the year 2014.

Get yourself a pretty jar, or a box, or something, and every time you finish it a book, get a piece of paper and write a memory about the book. Write a quote that you loved, or a character that felt close to you, or your favorite part. Something to remind you why you loved (or maybe didn’t love) that book this year.

I think its a beautiful idea, and I decided to take part in it. I’ve read three books so far this year, and I have written down my memories for them in the box.

See? So cool!


If you decide to participate, let me know! Post it on Instagram and tag me in it (@whatanerdgirlsays) and tag Amber as well! (@grownupfangirl). We’d love to see your boxes, and this is SERIOUSLY an awesome idea!

Happy Reading in 2014!

*      *      *      *      *