The Grownup Fangirl Book Memories Challenge!

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My dear friend, rx Amber, salve over at Grownup Fangirl and the brains behind Oh the Book Feels are doing a fun challenge for the year 2014.

Get yourself a pretty jar, or a box, or something, and every time you finish it a book, get a piece of paper and write a memory about the book. Write a quote that you loved, or a character that felt close to you, or your favorite part. Something to remind you why you loved (or maybe didn’t love) that book this year.

I think its a beautiful idea, and I decided to take part in it. I’ve read three books so far this year, and I have written down my memories for them in the box.

See? So cool!


If you decide to participate, let me know! Post it on Instagram and tag me in it (@whatanerdgirlsays) and tag Amber as well! (@grownupfangirl). We’d love to see your boxes, and this is SERIOUSLY an awesome idea!

Happy Reading in 2014!

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