The Awakened Blog Tour – Giveaway, Interviews, Guest Posts, Exclusive Excerpts and More!

Welcome to The Awakened Blog Tour! I am so excited to introduce the blogs below, check the ones that will be on an almost two week tour of awesome, all revolving around MY book.

I seriously can’t get over this…this is the COOLEST thing ever :)

Today I’m just here to share the tour schedule and the giveaway and all that fun stuff. I’ll have more personal things to say when I return on the tour (LOL I’m on my own tour), on the release date of my novel.

God that’s crazy to say.

But definitely come back, stick around! Lots of super great stuff is going on. There are a lot of great blogs participating. There’s a giveaway down below and lots of blogs are hosting interviews and guest posts from moi! Its going to be exciting.

I’m also doing a promotion! If you preorder the Kindle version of The Awakened (found here), you can earn a signed bookmark, and the bookmarks are pretty cool if I do say so myself. All you have to do is screen shot your proof and send it to my author email (sesantanawrites at gmail dot com) with your address and I’ll send you one (or two!).

So check out the schedule, come back for more and make sure to enter the giveaway!

The Blog Tour 

Check out the entire tour for more information about the book, interviews, guest posts, excerpts and more!

November 26th: Reading and Reviews / What A Nerd Girl Says

November 27th:  Living Within Fiction

November 28th: Lisa of Literature / Seeking Bazinga

November 29th: Chloe’s Book Nook / Book and Movies Addict

November 30th: Tine’s Reviews / Escape from Realities

December 1st: What A Nerd Girl Says / The Book Academy / Bookish Wonderland

December 2nd: Recently Acquired Obsessions / Morgan Reads

December 3rd: Case Maynard, Author / Movies, Shows and Books

December 4thBout of Bibliophilia

December 5th: Tesairie’s Book Reads / iFandoms Collide

December 6th: Just One of Those Bibliophiles / A Traveling Book / Endlessly Readings

December 7th: My Life in Blog / Erin Rhew Books

December 8th: Metamorphic Books / Knightingale Reviews

December 9th: Reading Over Sleeping / Always and Forever Fangirl

The Giveaway

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One Grand Prize Winner: Signed Copy of The Awakened, Signed Poster, Signed Bookmark

One First Prize Winner: Signed Poster and Signed Bookmark

Two Second Prize Winners: Kindle Copy of The Awakened and Signed Bookmark

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Exclusive Excerpt 

“Okay, okay,” I said, breathing heavily. The car was gaining us, getting closer and closer, and it was close enough that I could see that it was a large SUV, black or maybe dark blue, with heavily tinted windows. It looked like a car that my dad would have driven. This made me nervous. This was not a typical car; most people did not drive cars like this. “Ash, they’re right behind us.”

He didn’t answer; just pushed his foot harder on the gas, but the jeep only increased speed by a couple miles per hour. It was old, outdated and had been pushed farther in the last few hours than it had in the past few months. We both gasped as the car pulled next to us. “Shit,” Ash said under his breath.

The window of the SUV rolled down, and a man peeked his head out, motioning for us to roll our own window down. He was older, maybe in his late forties or early fifties, judging by the small amount of gray dotting his hair and beard. He was yelling at us, but I couldn’t hear him over the sound of both engines as they sped along. He was dressed nicely, I could see the beginnings of a tie at the base of his throat, and I felt uneasy, uncomfortable. I hadn’t seen anyone dressed so nice, so impeccably since we had left New York. This wasn’t right.

The car moved closer and closer to us before bumping into us. The jeep shook, but Ash’s hands were still gripping tightly on the wheel, and he managed to keep us aligned. “Did they just hit us, or was that an earthquake that shook the car?” he asked, a shaky laugh in his breath.

“No, no, they hit us,” I said, my hands gripping the dashboard tightly. I felt like I was going to be sick. We only had to drive half a day. Half a day to reach Colorado, and we would have been able to find a place of safety. And yet, here we were. A shock ran through my body as the SUV made contact with the Jeep again, this time much harder than before. “Oh my god.”

“What do you want me to do, Z?” Ash asked, through clenched teeth. His eyes were intent on the rugged terrain in front of us as the Jeep bounced over rocks and grass. I didn’t know where we were heading, whether we would end up in a town or at a cliff. I could see hills in the distance, and I didn’t know what was over there. The SUV hit us again, shaking the entire car.

“Stop,” I said, the word bursting out of me. “Just stop the car, okay?”


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