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The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly challenge post previously hosted by The Broke and Bookish and now hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. You can follow along for each weekly post here. This week’s post was not really something that I was into – books that you liked but don’t talk about much. I didn’t think I could even come up with any – I literally blog and ‘gram about books haha.

My family and I, since we can’t spend time together right now, have been texting a lot more and take turns coming up with a top ten prompt for the day and its been kind of awesome. I’m learning a lot about my siblings and dad that I didn’t know before and I’m really close with all of them. The other day my brother suggested top ten animated shows and I thought, okay that’ll work for today!

Avatar the Last Airbender

I got into this show SO late, back in 2015 but I can’t even begin to explain how much I love it now. I have a waterbender tattoo that I got mere months after watching the show because of how much I love it. Its funny and emotional and the animation is amazing and the story is just…incredible. There is just no show like this.

Powerpuff Girls

I loved this growing up and I still love it now. As a girl with two sisters I’m super close with, I just love this trio. The show is funny but it had so many badass moments and it had educational moments – the Susan B Anthony episode is still one of my favorites. I will forever love this show.

Star Wars: Rebels

I was a little wary about this show because…look, Clone Wars is great because it gave us the most epic character in Ahsoka Tano but it can be so boring and slow sometimes – too many filler episodes. I was afraid Rebels would be the same but it absolutely is NOT. Its a WONDERFUL cartoon and literally some of the BEST content in the Star Wars universe.

Darkwing Duck

I was obsessed with this cartoon as a kid and I love that I can watch them all over again on Disney+. Its such a fun cartoon and I absolutely love Jim Cummings as a voice actor and this is legit some of his best work. I used to have dreams about working with Darkwing Duck as a kid and, let’s be real, I still wish I could.

Pokémon: Indigo League

I own this entire ridiculously long season on DVD, in three volumes, because I can literally watch these episodes over and over again. I don’t think I watched anything past this series because I had no interest. But I just still love it – its fun and its just so representative of my childhood.

The Dragon Prince

As soon as I heard it was the same writer as ATAB AND it had dragons in it…I was sold. I watched the entire first season in one day and I just absolutely love this show. Its got great world building, great characters and is a strong follow to Avatar, at least in my opinion.

Rocket Power

This show was one of my absolute favorites growing up. I loved the closeness of the two siblings and the closeness of the friends. It reminds me of middle school. My best friend and her younger brother, who was close with my brother, lived two doors down and our other friend lived across the street and we used to all get into shenanigans and this show is definitely that.

The Simpsons (old episodes haha)

I used to LIVE for Simpsons way back in the day. I don’t particularly like the newer episodes…for the past decade or so HAHA but I love old Simpsons. You can throw on any episode and I’m here for it. I used to eat dinner and then watch Simpsons at 6 pm, 730 pm and 9 pm, if my parents let me haha!

Bob’s Burgers

I’ll be honest – I don’t tend to like adult animated series. Family Guy, American Dad, all of those – I’m just not interested. I don’t find them funny at all and I’d rather just watch kids’ cartoons. I feel like a lot of humor on adult shows are just stupid funny and I’m not a fan of stupid funny. Bob’s Burgers is NOT like that. It took me ages to watch because I was so sure it wouldn’t be any different but its just awesome. Its hilarious and the familial relationships are amazing and Linda is one of the best characters literally ever.


Guys, I’m not going to lie…I’m a little afraid to watch this on Disney+ because I remember absolutely loving this show so so much as a kid and I watched ONE episode with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and I was cringing the entire time. Now maybe it was just that episode – it was a weird one with Hitler and Captain America – but I don’t know. I think I’ll just keep the nostalgic feelings of love for this cartoon and never watch it ever again ;)


What are some of your favorite animated shows? Share in the comments!

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