Tuesday Top Ten – Birthday Wish List!

Its my birthday in TWO days!!!! Oh yes, February 27th, just two days away and I’ll be, thumb well, I’m not sharing haha.

I’m trying to be very excited about this. I mean, usually I AM very excited about my birthday and this year isn’t too different. But I’m getting older, and realizing that you’re closer to the age of thirty than to your high school graduation day is totally NOT a happy realization.

Its going to be okay though! Because I’ve decided that getting older only sucks if you let it! So yeah, I’m getting older but I think I’m only getting better. I’m getting more confident, more sure of myself. My goals are becoming bigger and better, and I feel more confident in my abilities to achieve them. Getting older means that I’ve been spending more years with my boyfriend and it means that I’ve experienced more and you know I’ve had more experiences. I believe this year will be just as great as the years before and the years to come.

Okay, enough being sappy :) Let’s move on to my wish list for my birthday!

10. Vampire Academy Box Set

Can you believe that I don’t own this? I have a molnija mark tattoo but I don’t own all of these books! Crazy. Well, I do own them all on my Nook but I’d like the set. I absolutely love these books and I’m determined to meet Richelle Mead one day so I can get these books signed.

9. Tickets to Angels Opening Day

I always go, or at least try to go, to the opening day for my dear Angels. This is actually not too long away and yet, I have no tickets! Its one of those things that I keep meaning to do and haven’t done yet. If I got them as present, I would definitely not say no haha.

8. Doctor Who Monopoly

Come on, who wouldn’t want Doctor Who Monopoly?

7. Harry Potter Ultimate Editions 5-7

I own the first four. I need the rest. Duh. I don’t want that weird  huge box set. I want these.

6. Ravenclaw Pajamas

They’re comfy and cute and full of wit ;)

5. Olaf Plushie

Do you know these are sold out? So lame. I really want it though. Olaf seriously was the best part of the entire movie. He made me laugh so hard, I think I laughed harder than the kids in the theater.

4. Howl’s Moving Castle on Blu-Ray

This is ridiculous. I don’t own this movie and its on Blu-Ray and its like 30 bucks and I can’t convince myself to buy it. So I’m sitting here, asking you to buy it. I love this movie, its one of my absolute favorites.

3. A New Tattoo

I will never say no to more tattoos. I love them. These are my two recent ones. I want a TID one, one more Harry Potter one, I want an Angels one. I love tattoos. My dad’ll hate this haha.

2. Camera 

I’ve gotten to the point where using my phone to take pictures and videos at events is just ridiculous. I’ve had this blog for nearly two years now and its time to get professional and get myself a camera. Its just time. I can’t do it with my iphone anymore. I look ridiculous. So I really want a camera. It doesn’t have to be SUPER fancy, you know? Just a little bit fancy, enough so that I get decent pictures for this wonderful blog

1. Birthday Wishes!

I know it sounds silly or like I’m just trying to be unselfish, but I do really mean it and it is actually quite selfish. My birthday is the one day where I can be the center of attention and who is going to say anything, its my birthday! So I love getting text messages and phone calls or facebook wall posts or tweets, that sort of thing, telling me Happy Birthday. It probably makes me happier than anything. This blog has come to mean so much to me and just a simple Happy Birthday is all I need, really :)

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten – Birthday Wish List!

  1. B says:

    I normally go to my teams Opening Day as well but I haven’t been able to get tickets. :( They made it kinda hard this year which sucks. Here’s hoping you get some of the items on your list!

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