Update! AKA I’m Not Dead…Yet ;)

I just wanted to peek out really quick and let you all know that I have not disappeared – I’ve been very busy lately and I’ve been bad at keeping up with blogging and bookstagramming but I’m working hard to get back to it, for sure. I’m also working really hard on a spinoff of this blog, to tie in my fitness instagram account, and my journey with losing weight, going to the gym, getting in shape, and handling my diabetes. I thought about adding it to this blog but I want to keep the different social media aspects of my life both together and separate. I’m still working it but I’ll be posting all about it once its up!

In the meantime, I’m in the WORST reading slump and could super some help getting out of it. If you guys have any advice or any books that you know will get me outta of this slump, please let a girl know!

Miss you guys! Hope you’re all reading awesome things!

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