Waiting on Wednesday {39}

Today’s Waiting on Wednesday post is the sequel to Suzanne Young’s Girls with Sharp Sticks called Girls with Razor Hearts


Title: Girls with Razor Hearts

Author: Suzanne Young – Her Website

Published By:  Simon Pulse

Publishing Date: March 17th 2020

Pages: 400

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction


It’s time to fight back in this second novel in a thrilling, subversive near future series from New York Times bestselling author Suzanne Young about a girls-only private high school that is far more than it appears to be.

Make me a girl with a razor heart…

It’s been weeks since Mena and the other girls of Innovations Academy escaped their elite boarding school. Although traumatized by the violence and experimentations that occurred there, Mena quickly discovers that the outside world can be just as unwelcoming and cruel. With no one else to turn to, the girls only have each other—and the revenge-fueled desire to shut down the corporation that imprisoned them.

The girls enroll in Stoneridge Prep, a private school with suspect connections to Innovations, to identify the son of an investor and take down the corporation from the inside. But with pressure from Leandra, who revealed herself to be a double-agent, and Winston Weeks, an academy investor gone rogue, Mena wonders if she and her friends are simply trading one form of control for another. Not to mention the woman who is quite literally invading Mena’s thoughts—a woman with extreme ideas that both frighten and intrigue Mena.

And as the girls fight for freedom from their past—and freedom for the girls still at Innovations—they must also face new questions about their existence…and what it means to be girls with razor hearts.

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The first book absolutely blew my mind. I had it on my TBR shelf for months and finally sat down to read it and truly, it blew my mind. I was hooked as soon as I started reading and it felt like a thrill ride – scary and exhilarating – the entire read. The book left me with so many questions. So much was revealed at the end of the first book and there were a ton of questions still left unanswered and I adore the characters so much. There’s technically a love interest in the book but I don’t even care half the time. The relationship Mena has to her friends – her sisters, really – is what made the first book so damn good and I can’t wait to see what happens next with them.

If you want to read my spoiler free review of Girls with Sharp Sticks, please follow this link.


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