15 Day Book Blogger-Day 8

Day 8: Write 15 Bullet Points of Things that Appeal to You on Blogs!

1. Organized book reviews that get straight to the point

2. When they are visually appealing. They have to be eye catching

3. I like when blogs have giveaways, its really connecting with their audience.

4. When the bloggers respond to comments/emails/communications. It bothers me when bloggers don’t respond to the people who support them.

5. PICTURES! I love pictures. Please put pictures in your blog post! But not too many, okay?

6. I love when bloggers support indie or not as widely known authors. That’s always super great to me.

7. I love blogs that are casual. Most of the blogs that I follow tend to be kind of similar to mine, less newsy and more personal, more about opinions and personal experiences and less about the news of a a particular fandom.

8. I love blogs that support other blogs. If I see a little section that says “affiliates” or “check out these other blogs” or something. It really shows that they are all about doing the writing, and the reading and that sort of thing, and less about focusing on themselves all the time.

9. Weekly features. I swear, that’s why I started doing them. I love when blogs have weekly features because I look forward to them. Its fun.

10. I love girl blogs. I love nerd girl blogs, especially when the girls are ACTUALLY nerds. Its cool to meet other girls like that :)

11. Interviews :) I love seeing people who are fans doing interviews. I mean, its cool to read an interview with your favorite author in Entertainment Weekly and Hypable and all that, and I love BOTH of those, by the way. BUT its even better to see it when its someone that you know is a huge fan.

12. Blog hops. I just discovered those and they’re pretty much the most amazing thing ever.

13. Good writing. I don’t care how pretty your blog is, or what you write about, if you’re a terrible writer, I just can’t handle that. And there are a TON of terrible writers out there.

14. ORGANIZATION! I hate messy blogs!

15. I love blogs that don’t take themselves too seriously. I love blogs where the people writing are having fun, enjoying it and aren’t acting like they are “so serious” and all that. I don’t like blogs that think they are better than others. So I love blogs where they are obviously having a good time :)

*      *      *

What are some of the things that attract you to blogs? What are some of the things about THIS blog that attracted you to it? 

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