A New Mode of Transportation

So my goal of the summer, besides having a wicked awesome time before being literally buried underneath homework at CSUF in the fall, is to buy a new car.

I love my current car, especially with all her nerd stickers, but its time to move on. And as I’ve been perusing autotrader, trying to figure out what car I want, I’ve been thinking of all the different modes of transportation in all the fandoms I’m obsessed with.

And then I came up with a list. A list of my top 8 most wanted fictional modes of transportation.

I know, the title kind of sucks…moving on…

8. A Horse (Lord of the Rings/Narnia/Tortall Realm)

I know, a horse isn’t exactly fantastical. We have horses all over the place; there is a small horse ranch about five minutes away from my work. However, I have never actually been on a horse and all those fantasies like Lord of the Rings and Narnia, god even Flynn Rider in Rapunzel, have super awesome horses and knights and battles and they’re all so fun! I would love to be a knight with my stallion, riding into battle!

7. the Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean movies)

Okay, now who didn’t want to be a pirate? Seriously? It doesn’t matter than they were super filthy, hardly ever bathed, were probably covered in lice and were super poor. Pirates are sexy. There’s something awesome about the idea of living on the open sea, on a huge ship, and pillaging and plundering. Of course, if Johnny Depp was on board, I definitely would be down to ride that ship…

6. X-Wing Fighter (Star Wars)

Thank you, George Lucas, for possibly the coolest little fighter ship in the world-though I don’t think it sounds too tough when you call it little. Hey, little things can be tough too. Look at that Ewoks, haha. Anyway, this was one of the coolest things about watching Star Wars when I was little. Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing was super badass and the fact that he had his buddy R2-D2 with him at all times only made it that much cooler. I’m pretty sure my best friend Allison would NOT be too stoked about riding shotgun in this ship.

5. Pegasus (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

Now I’m not going to lie, I’m terrified of heights. Just the mere thought of them, my god, my knees turn so super weak. So that leaves me thinking that riding on the back of what essentially is a flying horse wouldn’t exactly be my cup of tea. But come on, it’s a flying horse! And I’m pretty sure Blackjack, Percy’s Pegasus, would NOT drop me (at least I hope not) and would take me all the way up to Olympus. And unlike Percy,I have no fear of being struck down by Zeus.

4. Flying House (Up)

IT’S A FLYING HOUSE! Its millions and millions of balloons suspending an actual house all the way to South America (It’s like America…but south!). And just like Russell says in the movie, you get to have all your stuff with you when you travel! That sounds like a pretty fantastic thing to me. And don’t you dare tell me that it isn’t real! Some engineers got it into their head that this could be possible and proved it!

3. The Tardis (Doctor Who)

It’s a box. That’s bigger on the inside. That can travel anywhere in time. And space. AND it has had the sexy David Tennant and the equally as sexy Matt Smith inside. Do I really need to say anymore?

2. Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)

“You came in that thing? You’re braver than I thought.”–Princess Leia
Now I’ve wanted to be Princess Leia my whole life…and I’ve pretty much wanted to marry Han Solo my whole life. It only makes sense that I’d want to travel in the Millennium Falcon. Its the biggest hunk of junk in the galaxy but its fast and its the ship that blows up the Death Star for good. As long as I have Chewie as my co-pilot, I’m good to go.

1. Firebolt (Harry Potter)

I live for Harry Potter, I breathe, eat, sleep, drink Harry Potter. So of course what I would want the most is Firebolt Racing Broom. Its the fastest broom in the world, you can travel pretty much anywhere and you can play Quidditch, the coolest sport in the world. What more could I possibly want? You know, besides kicking ass in the Quidditch Cup and beating Gryffindor, Slytherin and Hufflepuff?

Now I realize that I literally can have none of these, besides a horse-which is just not logical in Southern California-but its always nice to dream. And as I spend time this summer looking for that perfect car, I can only super hope that I will have as many badass adventures in my car as my favorite characters have had in theirs.

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