Things I’m Loving Right Now!

Hello my friends! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been on the blog. To say that I’ve been dealing with a lot would be an understatement. I’ve been dealing with a lot of grief, having lost both of my grandmothers within about a month of each other. Both of my cats got sick within a couple weeks of each other. I learned a new attraction and have been training to be a trainer on my home attraction. I’ve been sick and overworked and burnt out and I’ve been struggling.

But I miss you guys. And I miss this blog and I miss sharing the things that I love with you all and I miss coming here and getting to talk and talk about nerdy things.

So here I am. It’s been over a month but I’m happy to be back. I wanted to jump back into blogging by just sharing some of the things that I’ve been really loving lately. A lot of these things are the things that have been keeping my head above water during these rough times.

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Fictional Girl Crushes I Had Growing Up (AKA How Did I Not Realize I Was Queer AF)

I came out nearly ten years ago, on this blog, as bisexual. I’m so comfortable in my sexuality and my ability to love and be attracted to any person, regardless of their gender. I was scrolling through social media a few days ago and there was a post about the anniversary of one of my favorite movies growing up, A League of their Own, and I remembered my absolute obsession with the character of Kit and it was another lightbulb out of many lightbulbs that I’ve had over the years where I realize, oh…you had a crush on that character! I often will bring it up to my husband and we both have a laugh, always saying, “how did I not know that I was into girls too?!”

So I wanted to share a few of my fictional crushes from my childhood that really should have convinced me, should have been obvious to me that I was SO queer. This list doesn’t even begin to touch on everyone I had a crush on because, partly, I’m old and can’t remember and partly because I remember more and more as time goes on!

Let’s do this!

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My Husband and I Got Matching Nerdy Tattoos!

Hello my friends! If you know anything about me, or have followed me over the past ten years, you know that I have a fair amount of tattoos and that most of them are nerd related in some way. I have a ton of Harry Potter tattoos, some Mortal Instruments, a Divergent, Vampire Academy, Six of Crows, Lunar Chronicles, Captain Marvel, Star Wars, Studio Ghibli and so many more. I love getting tattoos and I love my tattoos and I love showing my love for these stories on my body permanently.

My husband and I had talked about getting matching tattoos when we got married and one of the ideas that I had had was the wedding rune from the Shadowhunter chronicles. I didn’t think that my husband would go for that LOL! He attempted to read the first Mortal Instruments book ages ago and couldn’t get into it and I wouldn’t want him to get something on his body that he didn’t have a special connection to. Maybe one day…

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Experiencing The Legend of Zelda for the First Time!

I grew up a PlayStation kid.

Besides playing the early Pokemon games on my brother’s GameBoy that I begged him to borrow all the time until I got my own, our family never owned any other system. We grew up relatively poor so we never had any of the systems that existed when I was really young, like the Super Nintendo, and our first console was the original PlayStation, which was originally bought because my dad really liked Resident Evil, which is where my own love for the franchise came from. We got the PlayStation 2 as a gift for Christmas or something like that and then I’ve personally owned both the PlayStation 3 and 4. Perhaps I’ll own a 5 at some point but…well I’m not holding my breath for anytime soon haha.

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May the 4th Be With You – Favorite Star Wars Characters!

Happy May the 4th be With You Today! Today is the day we celebrate all things Star Wars, which is one of my favorite things to do. I love Star Wars – I have TWO tattoos – and I’ve wanted to be Princess Leia basically since I came out of the womb. Even though I do work today, I’ll be spending the day listening to the soundtracks and I’ll watch one or two of the movies once I’m at home.

In the meantime, I want to share some of my favorite Star Wars characters with you all!

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Checking Out the NEW Funko Store in Hollywood!

Just about a week ago, I was lucky enough to win lottery tickets to go see Frozen on Broadway at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. You can read my full review here. I decided to take my dad and because we live a decent ways away and had to get there early to pick up our tickets, we got there early. I knew that a Funko store had opened in Hollywood but I had no idea where it was – I don’t think I ever looked – AND I had no idea that it was basically right next door to the Pantages Theatre.

I knew exactly how we were going to kill time.

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