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One of the best parts about running this blog is having the ability to meet some really cool people, find and some of the coolest people that I have met have led me to really cool blogs. I’ve said it before, try no one’s blog is 100% original but everyone’s voices are different so there are blogs that I love to read because I love the writer, stomach and I love the passion that they show for what they are writing. They are fun and interesting to read and they inspire me to get better and better in my blog.

So I decided to do a feature (inspired by Megan at the Nerdy Girlie’s Geek Girls Gab), where I profile the bloggers that I love. Not only do I get to find out more about them, but I also get to share them with you guys! Most of the bloggers that I follow are like me, nerd girls, fan girls and they enjoy the same things as me, and you! Every blogger that I profile is one that is super important to me and I urge you to check them out!

If you are interested in being featured on the Blogger Spotlight, feel free to contact me, please! I would love to hear from you, to feature you on the blog and to help spread the word about it

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Its been awhile since we’ve had one and we are so excited to be back this week!

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This week’s blogger is Kristen from Recently Acquired Obsessions

You can find her at:

Her Tumblr 


Sara: Tell me a Little Bit About Yourself:

Kristen: I’m a teen living in SoCal so I’m busy with school and everything that comes with it. But I still find the time for the things I love. I play high school tennis but I love all sports. I want to travel in the future too. I’m a film geek, a dedicated fan of several television shows, a gamer on PS3. I love music and Disney. Then there’s reading, I’m at Barnes and Noble once a week getting a new book. I’ve always been a fangirl but I have only truly ventured deep into the world of fangirling recently.

Sara: Tell me about your blog

Kristen: My blog, Recently Acquired Obsessions, is where I share my passion for books, movies, etc. with others. It is made up of a bunch of reviews of the things I read or watch. Plus, on the first of every month I write about noteworthy things coming out that month. I only started the blog up around the beginning of October so it’s still developing and everything. As it progresses though I’ll have more reviews, event coverage, and hopefully some new features.

Sara: What inspired you to start your blog? 


Kristen: I’ve always wanted to start a blog, I was just waiting for the right time. Not only is it a place where I can talk about the things I love but I also wanted to share with fellow fangirls. Another reason is that I wanted to inspire people to read and see things they might not have heard of. When people say they don’t like reading or anything like that I’m always surprised. Hopefully, with my blog it will show them some things they might be interested in whether it is reading or wanting to watch something. I hope to help people find their passion in these things. I wasn’t going to start it this year but at school after every conversation with my fangirl buddies they constantly asked me to start up a blog and a book club for our school. So I guess the blog was the first step.

Sara: What is your favorite nerd memory? 

Kristen: One of my greatest  memories was a signing at the Grove for the movie, Beautiful Creatures. I met some amazing people at this event. The conversations were so natural it was like I was at home. We talked about every fandom and had in depth conversations about any topic we could think of, it was so great. Plus, it was the first time I did a cast meet and greet. Afterwards, my new friends and I met another group and we just merged and conversed for another good hour. It was such a great experience and brought me together with some really great people who I still see at events today.


Sara: What are you looking forward to, as far as new movies, books, etc?

Kristen:Well, since the year is almost over I’m super psyched for next year’s stuff like new things going on in the Divergent Fandom like the actual movie. Then there is Mockingjay happening and Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters, and The Maze Runner movie. There are countless amounts of books and other movies coming out. I’m also looking forward to more events coming soon. Hopefully, Comic Con 2014…*wink wink nudge nudge*. There is just a bunch of things going on it’s pretty hard name them all.

Sara: As my blog is mostly about books, what are some favorite books or authors you like to read?

Kristen: There are just so many. My two all time favorite worlds have got to be the Percy Jackson / Heroes of Olympus series and the Vampire Academy series. But yeah those are just a three of my favorite series.

Sara: What are some of your favorite blogs to follow? 

Kristen: Some blogs I like to follow are Divergent Fans, The Mortal Minute, Fangirl Feeels, City of Shadowhunters, Movies Shows n Books and What a Nerd Girl Says. I also actively keep up with Page to Premiere and iFandomsCollide.


Sara: One last fun question, who is your fictional crush? 

Kristen: It’s got to be Percy Jackson. He is just absolutely perfect, I love everything about him. (But I ship Percabeth really hard so I can never claim him as mine. I must set out to find my own Percy.) I mean there are other fictional characters I fell for but Percy is number one for me.

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I hope you enjoyed learning more about Kristen and her blog. She is SUCH a sweet and awesome girl and I hope you all follow her!

Happy Monday!

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