Interview and Giveaway: Adalyn Grace and All the Stars and Teeth (OTBF Edition!)

I am SOOOO insanely excited to be sharing this interview and giveaway today. As you may know, a lot of events have been canceled or postponed and the Ontario Teen Book Fest was definitely not exempt from that. I’m truly really sad about it but I still wanted to spread the word about these amazing authors. Events truly help authors to spread the word about their books and to make sales so a lot of these authors are definitely feeling the pain of these events being canceled. Indie authors and debut authors are also hit harder on this as well – so I’m excited to share a 2020 debut, Adalyn Grace!

We were already in the process of working on our interview for the Ontario Teen Book Fest blog tour when the event was called and canceled so we decided to keep moving forward, share some love for her debut novel, All the Stars and Teeth and do a little giveaway!

Let’s jump in – learn a little about Adalyn, her brand new book that hit the NYT bestsellers list AND, the best part, how you can win a copy!

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Cover Reveal – Scorpion by Jeff Sweat + Excerpt + Giveaway!

Today Jeff Sweat and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover and an exclusive content for SCORPION, the sequel to his YA Dystopian, MAYFLY which releases June 23, 2020! Check out the awesome cover and enter to win an ARC!

I am so stoked to help spread the word abut the sequel to Mayfly because I loooooove Mayfly and adore the heck out of Jeff and am so excited for book two!

On to the reveal!

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Blog Tour: One Day at Disney by Bruce Steele – Review and Giveaway!

I am so excited to be a part of this blog tour! With Disney+ releasing just two weeks ago, I must admit that I have pretty much spent what little free time I have watching Disney Channel Original Movies on my PS4. Its been amazing and I’ve loved just being surrounded by Disney right now. I love the behind the scenes and a lot of that comes from my time as a Disneyland cast member. It was easily one of the BEST jobs of my life and I can’t wait to go back and work there someday, because its going to happen. This book is in tandem with a documentary coming December 3rd to Disney+ and I can’t WAIT for it!

So this book and this blog tour – I AM SO HERE FOR IT.

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What A Nerd Girl Says Three Year Blog Birthday and Giveaway!


Can you believe my blog is celebrating THREE YEARS of existing today? I have had this little ‘ol thing for three years now. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this because I seriously can hardly believe that my blog is three years old. THREE years old. If it was a child, sale it would be walking and talking, and maybe learning to count and eating cheerios and watching Disney Jr and probably throwing tantrums…its insane.

I literally just had a mental image of my blog throwing a tantrum right now and it made me laugh out loud because how ridiculous does my imagination truly have to be to imagine my blog throwing a tantrum…

I gotta say, when I started this blog three years ago, it really started as a way for me to be like, look, come to this website and watch me ramble on how much I love books and nerdy things and also listen to me defend YA literature over and over and over and over and over again.

And those things are still a HUGE reason why I blog but my blog has morphed into something much more. Now I’m reviewing the actual books that I read…and I’m part of teams that support them and get the word out about them. WHAT? That’s insane. Totally normal to me now, especially with ARCs of book showing up in my snail mail and email inboxes on a weekly basis, but if you would have told me that was a thing three years ago, I would have been…wait, what?

If you would have told me three years ago that I would have over 300K views on my blog, and over 2000 followers, I would laughed. I have 1538 followers on Facebook, 1345 followers on Twitter, 1997 on Tumblr and 2346 followers on Instagram. And yeah, in the grand scheme of things, I have such a small following. But I adore each and every single one of you because you guys are so enthusiastic, SO encouraging and just plain awesome. And the fact that I’ve had several of you write me letters and emails and come up to me at events and tell me good things and ask to take pictures with me? Just absolutely blows my mind. I’m not famous in the slightest (oh and I know this) but hearing things like that from you guys means the TOTAL world. You guys are the ultimate rock stars.

I gotta throw some shout outs to my fangirl besties: Sylvia, Alex, Cassie and Steph. You guys are so awesome, you are there throughout every fangirl adventure, whether its a book event, a movie premiere, an insane road trip for ONE day at a book convention (I still can’t believe we did that) or just eating a TON of food and talking about books. This blog wouldn’t be what it is without these girls because they’re the ones that get me into all these adventures and ridiculousness and they help keep the reading passion alive. When you can talk for HOURS about fictional characters as if they’re totally real? They’re the winners!

Also a huge shout out to every single blogger that I’ve come across, because you are all awesome and you work just as hard, if not more, than I do and all of your blogs and beautiful and inspirational and this blogger community is so kickass.

Thanks to Courtney and Allison for being the most badass librarians around and for believing in me and supporting me and talking about me in their presentations because that’s pretty cool.

My dad because seriously I don’t know how many other dads put up with the fact that their 27 year old daughter lives at home and takes up most of her space with her ever growing book collection. One day, there won’t be enough room for me to even sleep in this room. I’m still deciding if that’s a bad thing or not ;)

Every single YA (and NA) author out there who has written an amazing book. You guys are the reason this blog even exists. You guys have become my friends (which still blows my mind, every, single, time) and my encouragement and as long as you guys keep writing these awesome books, I’m gonna keep promoting the hell out of them.

Lastly (I feel like the music would be turning on at this point if I was saying this at the Oscars or something…), a shoutout to ALL the nerd girls out there. Let your nerd girl flag fly high and proud. You can be girly and badass and you can do your hair and make-up and curl up with a book. You can be anything you want to be and don’t let the haters (cough cough boys cough cough) get you down because you all ROCK!


Now to the fun part ;)

The Giveaway!!!!!!!

SO many prizes :)

Prize #1


-A Copy of Cora Carmack’s All Lined Up, A signed All Lined Up postcard, a signed All Broke Down postcard and an ecopy of Elle Kennedy’s The Deal

Prize #2:

unnamed-5 unnamed-6

-A Signed Copy of Jessica Brody’s Unremembered, a Signed Unremembered poster, a Unremembered bookmark, an Alienated bookmark, a Trust Me, I’m Lying postcard and an Ex-Gen button

Prize #3:

unnamed-7 unnamed-8

-A Signed ARC of Robyn Schneider’s Extraordinary Means, an ARC of Sugar by Deirdre Riordan Hall, a Signed How We Fall by Kate Brauning postcard, and a bookmark and magnet for Michelle Levy’s Not After Everything.

Prize #4


-A signed copy of The 100 by Kass Morgan, a signed copy of Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver and an ecopy of Tonya Kuper’s Anomaly!

Prize #5:


-The ultimate swag pack with bookmarks, buttons, postcards, sneak peeks and more from authors such as: Michelle Levy, Jennifer L Armentrout, Danielle Paige, BT Gottfred, Shannon Messenger (signed), Tonya Kuper, Sabba Tahir, Victoria Aveyard, Cora Carmack (signed), Sara B Larson (signed), Lindsay Leavitt (signed) and Mary Elizabeth Summer! Includes a tote bag!  

The Rules

Because, yes, there have to be rules!

The contest will run from today, May 23rd until June 6th!

The winner will be contacted within 24 hours of contest end. If winner(s) do not respond within a 24 hour period of contact, their prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen.

Come back every day to share on Twitter and Instagram to earn more entries!

This giveaway is in NO way endorsed by any authors, their publishers or any other affiliates.

What A Nerd Girl Says is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged prizes. It HAS happened before, but only once!

How to Enter!

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Thanks again guys for showing all your support, as always. You guys are rock stars and I can’t wait to be celebrating FOUR years next year!

PS. This is the image you need in order to enter the Instagram portion of the giveaway!


Giveaway: The Iron Trial Advanced Reader’s Copy by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black!

When I was at ALA just a few weeks ago, I managed to grab an extra copy of The Iron Trial. The Iron Trial is a brand new book coming out this fall,  from well-known YA authors, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare. I’m about 80 pages in and I’m loving it. Its middle grade but these are two authors that I absolutely love so I’m enjoying it.

I have no idea how I ended up with an extra copy but I did and of course, I don’t need an extra copy! SO! I’ve decided to have a quick giveaway for this book!

Here are some pictures of what it looks like!

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