Fandom Foodie Friday {7} – Calcifer’s Breakfast from Howl’s Moving Castle

Hello! Welcome to the Fandom Foodie Friday! If there’s one thing that always grabs my attention when I’m reading a new book or watching a TV show or movie, its the FOOD. Whether fictional or real, I often am left wanting to try ALL the foods. The only problem – I’m a terrible cook and an okay baker. So I’m taking recipes created by wonderfully creative people from all over the internet and figuring out if a newbie like me can figure them out!

Today, I made a delicious breakfast cooked by the best fire demon in the land, Calcifer, from my favorite movie of all time, Howl’s Moving Castle.


I love to read about food in books and I love food in movies and TV shows. I’ve always wanted to try making them but I’m honestly a terrible cook – I rarely make anything without heating something up easily in the microwave or the stove. I am not nearly as creative as some of the amazing people on the internet who come up with some amazing fictional food recipes! So I decided to approach it from a different angle – I would find recipes for some of my favorite food in fiction and try them out and share it with you! Are they easy? Are they doable? Did I mess up? Did it taste good?

And, of course, I’ll always give credit to the recipes that I tried!


I feel SO bad that I missed Foodie Friday last week but I spent about five days straight on the couch, laid up with a cold and cough and fever, and the idea of cooking or baking something just sounded like the worst thing ever. But I was so ready to come back and share with you this week – I was looking to make myself some breakfast this past Monday and I thought, hmm, I think I have all the ingredients to make myself a simple Calcifer breakfast. I did NOT look up any particular recipe but I did Google how to make sunny side up eggs because I’ve literally never made them before in my life! I’m all about the easy scrambled eggs!


The Ingredients – Vegetable Oil cooking spray, 2 large eggs, bacon (I used the microwavable kind that I tend to keep in my fridge), green tea, wheat bread

Cost To Me – These were all normal things that I keep in my fridge so it is part of my normal grocery shopping. I would say – maybe $10 for everything if you went out and bought it.

Time It Took – I would say about 5 minutes in total. Sunny side eggs are quick to make! It was a stressful five minutes though!

The Difficulty Level –

 2 out of 5

I cheated on the bacon and used the microwavable kind, mostly because that’s what I already had in my fridge and didn’t want to go to the grocery store just so I could fry up a bit of bacon for this – I’m not even a huge fan of bacon. I have been capable of toasting bread since I was a little kid and I am a strictly teabag tea drinker, so again all super easy.

The only reason I give it a 2 is because it was the first time making sunny side up eggs and I was super nervous. Its a quick process – only about 3ish minutes but its hard to tell if its DONE. It looks done so quickly but it doesn’t feel like its been cooking long enough!

The Taste –

 4 out of 5

Honestly, I seriously enjoyed it. It was really easy to make so it makes me think that this is a breakfast I could handle in the morning – I love breakfast but I’m not a morning person so I’m lazy in the mornings haha. But it came out really good. I think I might have cooked the eggs a little too long – maybe about 4 minutes long instead of maybe 2-3 minutes long but it still tasted good. I definitely want to try with regular bacon but microwavable bacon is just so cheap and easy to deal with so I didn’t mind it at all. All in all, its a good, simple and filling breakfast and its not super high in calories either! WIN!

The End Result –

I think it looks totally cute! Its a really simple and easy breakfast and I honestly can picture myself making this just on a whim because of how seriously easy it is. Its no wonder Sophie and Howl made this for breakfast. I love sunny side up eggs and now that I’ve made them once, I know that I’m capable of going back and doing it again and mastering it and perfecting it so that it tastes the BEST. All in all, this was a GREAT fandom foodie to try and its probably the one I’ll make the most in the future because of how truly simple it is!

Happy Fandom Foodie Friday!


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