February Book Wrap Up!

Books Pledged to Read in 2015:


Am I On Track: 

3 books behind

Books Read So Far: 


Total Books For February: 

5 (WHOA! After 16 in January, cheap that’s terrible. But I was busy! Gallifrey One, and my birthday and all of that. March should be better!)

Revenge, Ice Cream and Other Things Best Served Cold (ARC)


The Ruby Circle


How to Say I Love You Out Loud (ARC)


Cinderella’s Dress




*      *      *      *      *      *

How did you guys do this month? Share in the comments!

One thought on “February Book Wrap Up!

  1. hallows03 says:

    I’m actually 7 books ahead at the moment, i’m really happy with how i’m going. I read 16 books in February, but in saying that, 4 were graphic novels and not as long as a normal novel, so i’ll bump my goal up a bit to compensate for that :) Still happy though.

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