Fictional Crush of the Week – Alec Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments

Its that time of the week – its the fictional crush of the week. And look, I get it – Alec Lightwood would never be interested in me because, well, one he’s not real but mostly, two, because he’s gay. That doesn’t mean I can’t adore him though.

Character Name:

Alec Lightwood

Book or Series They Appear In:

The Mortal Instruments series

City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, City of Fallen Angels, City of Lost Souls, City of Heavenly Fire 


Cassandra Clare

Played By: 

Kevin Zegers

Who They Are:

Alec Lightwood is one of the main characters of the Mortal Instruments series.

Why I Am Crushing On Them: 

Okay, I know. Its obvious from so soon in the beginning of the first book that

Notable Quotes: 

“He’d burn the whole world down till he could dig you out of the ashes. I know,” Alec said.

Magnus looked at Alec as if he’d lost his mind. “Your city is under attack,” he said. “The wards have been broken, and the streets are full of demons. And you want to know why I haven’t called you?
Alec set his jaw in a stubborn line. “I want to know why you haven’t called me back.

“It’s ‘Descensus Averno facilis est.’ ‘The descent into hell is easy,” said Alec. “You just said “Kiss the cook.”

“Mostly extinct,” he said, his voice trembling with rage, “is NOT

‘I hope you told him you were bitten by a gay spider,’ said Simon.

‘I’ve read Magnus’s stash of comics,’ said Alec, ‘so I actually know what you’re talking about’ A small smile played around his mouth. ‘So would that give me the proportional gayness of a spider?’

“Iz,” Alec said tiredly. “It’s not like it’s one big bad thing. It’s a lot of little invisible things. When Magnus and I were traveling, and I’d call from the road, Dad never asked how he was. When I get up to talk in Clave meetings, no one listens, and I don’t know if that’s because I’m young or if it’s because of something else. I saw Mom talking to a friend about her grandchildren and the second I walked into the room they shut up. Irina Cartwright told me it was a pity no one would ever inherit my blue eyes now.” He shrugged and looked toward Magnus, who took a hand off the wheel for a moment to place it on Alec’s. “It’s not like a stab wound you can protect me from. It’s a million little paper cuts every day.”

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