Happy Halloween!

I just wanted to write a quick post to wish you all a super Happy Halloween!

Today is the day where we can dress up and be awesome and no one will give us weird looks. Mostly.

I am writing this at about 2 am, sickness and I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to wear yet. I’m either going Shadowhunter black with runes OR I’m just going to throw my Ravenclaw stuff on and call it a day. I love Halloween so I hope I see a ton of cool costumes tomorrow.

AND I want to see all of YOURS too. So please Tweet me or share on Facebook, or email me at whatanerdgirlsays [at] gmail [dot] com, because I want to see them. I’ll do a special Halloween post and share them with all the followers!

I just wanted to remind you guys of the most important thing about Halloween!

Well, the TWO most important things.

The first one is…be careful and be safe! Halloween can make some people kind of crazy. Be aware, don’t drink and drive, call a cab, don’t eat candy thats already opened, don’t go to houses that aren’t lit, all of that safety stuff. Please all of you be absolutely careful this Halloween, and every Halloween.

And the second thing is…HAVE FUN! Make it the best Halloween ever, at least until next year!

Happy Halloween guys!

Sara, Christina Marie and Kat

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