Help Build a YA Classroom Library!

I need your help readers.

I’m putting this up on my blog because I heavily believe in this cause and I believe that you guys will be too. What A Nerd Girl Says is heavily based on YA fiction and I know that majority of you out there are YA readers, here so I’m reaching out to you, viagra 100mg for your help.

There are 1676 of you subscribed to this blog. There are 1223 of you on Twitter, 1147 on Facebook, 1453 of you on Instagram and 932 of you on Tumblr. I have a small but very dedicated fan base so I hope that you can support this cause.

What cause, you ask?

My dear friend, Caitlin, is someone I met about 8 years ago. Her brother was the keyboardist in a band I was VERY addicted to. I became friends with her mother because of that, and her mom immediately introduced us because we were both such lovers of books. We have been such good friends since then.


She is a high school English teacher in California and if you know anything about the educational system in California, its that its mostly broke. There is not a lot of funding, especially for schools outside of the richer areas, like the school that my friend teaches at. Most school supplies are provided by the teachers, and we know that teachers don’t make much to begin with.

Caitlin wants to start a library in her classroom, a library centered around YA novels. She believes, like I SO strongly believe, that kids are learning more and falling more in love with reading because of the explosion of YA novels that has happened in the past decade or so. I honestly feel like the more we encourage teens to read YA, the more they’ll read, and they’ll expand that into other novels. YA novels should be brought into the classroom more, and I know that is a goal of Caitlin’s.

Unfortunately, as I’m sure you guys know…books are expensive! They are at the least about 5 to 10 bucks and at the most, about 20 bucks. On a teacher’s budget? There’s just no way.

So Caitlin started a campaign to earn some money to build a library in her classroom. She’s only asking for 500 bucks, which is SO doable. I’m reaching out to you guys, in the hopes that you can help. A dollar, five dollars, whatever you can donate will help! If 500 of you donate a dollar, we’ll be good! Or if 100 of you donate five dollars! Its so simple.

There’s something truly wonderful about reading. Reading is the passion of my life. Picking up a book, and diving in, falling in love with the characters, enjoying the adventure that it takes me on, and getting that escape…there’s just no greater feeling than that. I know that so many of you agree with that. The feeling of a book in your hand is one of the best and I honestly have no idea what I would do without books in my life.

So please, help a girl out, help me and help my friend, Caitlin, to spread this love of reading and this love of YA to her students. Click the link below and donate! You won’t regret it :)

PLUS! If you donate and show me a confirmation of your donation, you will be entered in a SUPER SECRET GIVEAWAY!

Here’s how to donate:

Caitlin’s Classroom Library Fund! 

There’s also one other way you can help! If you are unable to donate money, that’s okay! I am also opening up the doors for physical donations of books themselves. If you have some extra YA books lying around (in GOOD condition), please let me know, email me here, and we’ll work out a way for you to send them to me! Donations are gladly accepted!

She also has a list of specific books she’d love to receive, so if you’re interested in seeing that, please let me know and I will share it!

She has until August 28th to raise it, and I honestly think that raising 500 dollars for SUCH a great cause is something that we can do!

Thanks guys, and I hope to see that number crawling up soon!

Spread the love of reading today!

One thought on “Help Build a YA Classroom Library!

  1. B says:

    Another suggestion is to start an Amazon Wishlist where people can just buy the books and have them shipped to her! I’ve seen it done before and it seems to work well!

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