I Got A New Tattoo!

Because apparently 14 was just not enough for me, buy information pills I just got #15 just a few days ago! This is actually a tattoo I’ve wanted for quite some time but I hadn’t had the means to make it happen and then I finally did, and honestly, it really came at the perfect time.

I am absolutely in love with the Rusk University series by Cora Carmack. I think it combines two things I just absolutely love: romance and football. Sports, in general. I’ve been wanting to write my own sports romance for quite a few years but didn’t know how to make it happen and I didn’t even know if someone would read it. I just finished Benched, a baseball romance back in September, early September, and I’m so happy with it. And its largely in part because of Cora and her series.

But its more than that too. Not only is she a huge inspiration and just a great friend, but she gave me three little words that I literally tell myself every single day. I got a wristband at RT back in May that says “no easy days” on it, and I wear it every single day. Well, I wore it every single day until a few days ago. Since May, and RT, my car has broken down, a guy had genuine feelings for decided I was not worth the risk, I lost my dream job, I continued to get so many rejections, got officially diagnosed with anxiety and I just felt miserable as hell. No direction, no happy ending in sight. I felt just…bad all the time.

And every single day, I told myself “no easy days, no easy days, no easy days”. Life isn’t easy, and not a day goes by that I don’t struggle with something, even if its just a tiny little something. But I work hard, and I believe in myself, most of the time, and I try so hard. And these words “No Easy Days” get me through. When I had a bad day, when I remembered that I only had a few bucks in my bank account and no job prospects and all of that…I would look at the bracelet and just keep going. That damn bracelet got to the point where the words were rubbed off and then Cora sent me a new one!

She’s awesome!

Now…things are so much better.

I have a job, and a job I like, on top of that. I am getting my book published. Things are shaping up. Things are getting much much better. I’m feeling MUCH happier and I know that not every single day is going to be good, but there are NO easy days and that’s okay.

And I finally got the tattoo, on my arm, in a place where I can see it every day. My best friend, Alex, has the tattoo as well, but her’s is on her bicep, in Cora’s writing. I immediately thought that was SUCH a great idea but then I thought…well I don’t want to copy Alex. We each have our own reasons for getting these words on us, and I want to make it my own. So I decided to get it tattooed on myself, in my own writing.

Means a lot to me to have it like that.


Plus the amazing John Troeller at Classic Tattoo in Fullerton did an AMAZING job once again, so I’m quite happy with it.


Apparently I make awkward, weird faces when I get tattoos. This was the most normal of all the faces that Alex captured on my camera. But I like this because of how silly I look…and because it shows that it literally didn’t hurt in the slightest.


So red and puffy but so pretty! I’m so proud of it, and seriously stoked that I have decent handwriting or it would have come out SO weird…


Me and my girl with our cute matching tattoos. I’m so glad we both got these. Like I said, different reasons but sort of centered on the same idea. These words mean a lot to us, and Cora means a lot to us and those books are just awesome.

So yeah, I just wanted to share my newest tattoo with you guys, because you guys love it and I love sharing my love of books with you AND on my skin.

Don’t forget, you can always share yours with me as well!

One thought on “I Got A New Tattoo!

  1. audreyjoygreathouse says:

    That’s so neat that you two went in and got those matching tattoos done together! I’m sure you make less awkward faces than I would if I ever went under the artist’s needle o_O Lol, I think I’ll stick to sharing my love of books with other people and not my body’s containment fabric XD

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