If I Stay Giveaway and Secret Booooook or Treat Buddy-Only 4 More Days!

There are TWO very exciting things going on right now and I wanted to remind you all of them so that you don’t forget to participate.

If you want to, dosage of course. I mean, I’m a dictator or anything. I’m not going to force you to. I mean, you would be missing out on super epic fun but that’s totally your choice. I’m not cruel! Mostly.

So right now, I have a giveaway going on! Yay! Its for a signed copy of If I Stay! If I Stay just hit movie theaters last week and didn’t do half bad, so I’m massively proud of it right now. I have a movie tie-in edition of the book, signed by the author of the book and the director of the movie up for grabs.

2014-08-22 01.01.43

This giveaway ends September 1st so don’t miss out on this opportunity! Click this link to find out how to enter, and all the (simple) rules involved!

I also have something else VERY exciting going on as well!

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.19.49 PM

The most recent of my book exchanges is open for sign ups! There are so many of you who have signed up already and I hope that more of you do! This could potentially be the last time that I have open sign ups so I hope that everyone who wants to get involved does!

Basically, its kind of like a Secret Santa gift exchange, but after I did Santa with so much success, I decided I would do it four times a year. Its simple: you’ll receive some information about another person that signed up: what sort of books they’re interested in reading, what fandoms they’re in, what sort of things they enjoy doing, a mini bio, if you will. You’ll take that information and build a care package for your buddy: a couple books, a goodie or two, maybe snacks and candy for them to enjoy and you’ll ship it off to them.

But the best part is (besides making a new friend!), you get to receive a package in return! Which is always fun right? To learn more about the exchange, see pictures of previous exchanges and to find out how to sign up, you can click the link here.

Last day to sign up is August 31st so hurry hurry!


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