January Book Events!

I am SO sorry this is so late. I’m usually so much more on top of this but December was an incredibly busy month and I’m working two jobs and reading and writing…that’s no excuse. I apologize for the delay and I hope it does not happen again!

Here are the events for the month!

Please remember (as always) that this  list is not 100% accurate. Please check with the bookstores to keep updated with the event. Events can be canceled, patient arranged for different days, dosage etc. This is ROUGH, stomach and not updated through the month.

January 12th: 

Houston, TX: R.J. Palacio at Blue Willow Bookshop at 3 pm

Santa Monica, CA: Ann Stampler at Diesel at 3 pm

January 13th: 

Austin, TX: Joelle Charbonneau at Barnes and Noble at 6 pm

January 14th: 

Los Angeles, CA: Ransom Riggs at Barnes and Noble: The Grove at 7 pm

January 15th: 

Albuquerque, NM: Joelle Charbonneau at Alamosa Books at 7 pm

Salt Lake City, UT: Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando at King’s English Bookshop at 7 pm

January 16th:

Petaluma, CA: Joelle Charbonneau at Copperfields at 4 pm

January 17th:

Las Vegas, NV: Lissa Price at Barnes and Noble (Rainbow Promenade) at 7 pm

January 18th:

New York City, NY: Cornelia Funke and Susan Cooper at Books of Wonder at 1 pm

January 19th: 

Naperville, IL: Ransom Riggs at Anderson’s Bookshop at 2 pm

Redondo Beach, CA: Robin Benway at Mysterious Galaxy at 2:30 pm

January 20th:


January 21st:


January 22nd: 

Frisco, TX: Ransom Riggs at Barnes and Noble at 7 pm

January 23rd: 

Fairway, KS: Ransom Riggs at Rainy Day Bookstore at 7 pm

Oceanside, CA: Kiersten White and Shannon Messenger at Barnes and Noble at 6 pm

January 24th:


January 25th: 

Carle Place, NY: Ransom Riggs at Barnes and Noble at 2 pm

Keller, TX: YAK Fest (Young Adult Keller Book Fest) at Central High School

January 26th: 

Baton Rouge, LA: Neal Shusterman at Barnes and Noble at 2 pm

January 27th:


January 28th:


January 29th: 

McClean, VA: Ransom Riggs at Barnes and Noble at 6 pm

Milwaukee, WI: Patrick Ness at Boswell Book Company at 7 pm

January 30th:


January 31st:

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