My Sister Opened an Etsy Shop!

I am so excited to announce that after some hard work on my part and a ton of hard work on my sister’s part, abortion she has officially opened her Etsy shop: Art by Dink.

In the past few weeks, she’s been working on these mini canvas, and they’ve been super amazing. She started with Disney characters, but I recruited her right away to start making some fandom ones. I immediately commissioned her for an Amity one, because that’s my Divergent faction and it came out amazing.


I knew right away that she had to work on more fandom ones and that people would really want to buy these.

And she’s been relatively successful so far in in orders, with just friends and family. She’s currently working on a fearless rune, a deathly hallows and a TARDIS one just for me alone. My friend Ally just commissioned her for four of them. Check out some of the other ones she’s done so far.






Snow White




Winnie the Pooh

She paints 4×4 canvas with oil and acrylic paints.

She has done all of the ones above, including some sports teams logos as well. The best part? She takes custom orders. She will sketch out a few ideas and working with you to create the best canvas possible. 

She’s working on several orders for people right now, as well as doing some new ones. As I mentioned before, she’s going to be making a fearless rune, a deathly hallows symbol and the TARDIS for one, which is VERY awesome. My friend Ally has ordered a Dauntless, a Peter Pan and more. The options are limitless.

And they’re only TEN BUCKS. That’s such a steal!

We’re still working on tightening up the edges of her Etsy page, hopefully getting her a logo soon, but her page IS open for business so head over, check it out and start buying! These canvas are so cool and I’ve already bought four, and I’m totally ready to buy more!

Check out her Etsy page now

You can also find her art page on Facebook and Instagram, as well. There, she will show all of her new canvas before she adds them to her Etsy page!

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