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So my blog posts lately have been pretty sporatic and I haven’t been on top of doing Book of the Week or any of those things. I feel pretty bad, especially since I’m out of school and I should have WHIMS of time to do it, and its just simply not getting done at all.

So I’ve decided to kind of revamp the weekly schedule, give myself a set purpose so that they are guaranteed to actually get done. I love writing these posts but if I’m not kept to a schedule, well, I’ll forget and I won’t get it done. So this is the new, tentative schedule and we’ll see how it works.

Mondays: Anime Mondays, occasional posts by one of our contributors.

Tuesdays: The Tuesday Ten, instead of the Tuesday Three. The Tuesday Ten will be a top ten list of something awesome…my top ten favorite books, my top ten favorite movies, my top ten favorite weapons of choice and so on. I think it’ll be a nice fluffer piece for me and for everyone to enjoy.

Thursdays: Book of the Week. I used to do them Fridays and that just didn’t work out. Fridays are the days that I spend all day with my boyfriend so it was hard to get it done on Fridays. Having it on Thursday will be a whole lot better because I can put my full and total attention on it.

Fridays: Friday Funny. Since I’m busy Fridays, I’ll post a meme or a funny picture that is perfect for all you nerds out there.

Then we can have Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays for my random posts, my reviews and nerd news and all of that fun stuff.

Now if I’m not keeping up with these things, I give you all full permission to write very angry comments on how I’m the worst nerd blogger in the entire world and I can’t even keep up the schedule I made myself!!

See ya soon guys :)

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