Newly Released Clockwork Princess Snippet

Clockwork Princess,the third and final installment in Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series, will come out in bookstores in March of this coming year. The Infernal Devices series takes place about a hundred years before the Mortal Instruments series (though TMI came out first) and follows the story of Tessa, a Downworlder, and her friends Will and Jem, both Shadowhunters.

I’ve been counting down the days until this book comes out, especially since the original publication date was for this December and then was postponed until March. Bit of a letdown if you ask me.

Cassandra Clare has recently said that she has some secret that she wants to reveal to her fans. Honestly, I don’t follow it that much but apparently it had TMI and ID fans in an uproar.

I love TMI and I love ID and I think Cassandra Clare is a fun and entertaining authors and I obviously enjoy the books well enough to get a tattoo of a Shadowhunter rune on my back. But I don’t personally love her. She is supposedly really, really accessible to her fans but I’ve written and emailed and sent her messages on facebook and twitter and tumblr and I’ve never once got even a wisp of reply so I don’t pay attention TOO much to what goes on in her social networking world.

However, today she shared a little snippet from Clockwork Princess and here it is for you:

Picture 1

Here’s my thing: Clockwork Princess is going to have a lot going down in the Shadowhunter world and all that. But it is also going to have a lot going down with the fact that Tessa has two boys, Jem and Will, fighting over her. However, when we left off the last book, she was engaged to Jem right before Will declared his undying love to her.

To make it clear, I am for Will. I think Will loves Tessa more than Jem does. I think Jem loves Tessa but not to the extent that Will does. Will so believed that he was cursed to have everyone who loved him die that he did the best he could to make it so she hated him. I think Will deserves to be with Tessa.

But here’s the thing. Tessa is engaged to Jem, and this is the Victorian age, so you can’t just let that go. And Jem is sick, really sick and he probably doesn’t have much longer to live. I think some fans will be mad if Tessa stays with Jem, because of Will’s intense love for Tessa. But I think a lot of fans, including myself, will be pretty pissed if Tessa gets with Will, either while Jem is alive or dead, because let’s face it…that’s messed up. Big time.

So my hope is that the choice that Tessa makes is of no choice. I think the focus of Clockwork Princess should be on the defeat of Mortmain and figuring out exactly what Tessa is and more about her past. Is she a full warlock, is she half Shadowhunter, who are her real parents, and over and over and over again. There are so many unanswered questions and yeah, Mortmain is a psycho and she needs to take him down. I think bouncing back and forth between Will and Jem is completely unnessary.

And let’s face it, most teen girls in TV shows and movies and books spend most of their time whining over what boy to choose and its gets so annoying…the ugly, annoying love triangle. I think that if Tessa chooses no one, that’ll be good for the audience. I think most of the audience would be pretty pissed but I think it makes sense. No one gets hurt, no one gets chosen and Tessa does the mature thing, as to not hurt either boy. Besides, she’s immortal, she’s going to live forever, and neither Will nor Jem will. No choice to me makes sense.

What do you think?

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