Book Review: Admission by Julie Buxbaum

It’s good to be Chloe Wynn Berringer. She’s headed off to the college of her dreams. She’s going to prom with the boy she’s had a crush on since middle school. Her best friend always has her back, and her mom, a B-list Hollywood celebrity, may finally be on her way to the B+ list. It’s good to be Chloe Wynn Berringer–at least, it was, until the FBI came knocking on her front door, guns at the ready, and her future went up in smoke.

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Sara’s Goals for 2021!

It’s that time of year again, time to sit back and reflect on the accomplishments and improvements you made in the last year and look into the future of the new year to see what changes and improvements we can make now.

And honestly, let’s be real – 2020 was a dumpster fire of a year. This pandemic is still going – in fact, its increasing where I live here in Southern California, we’ve had an election that, well, went the way I wanted it to but has caused nothing but drama because of a sore loser. Its just been a rough year. I haven’t done as well with the things I wanted to do but honestly, I’m giving myself a lot of credit for just getting through the year itself without going absolutely insane. I deal with anxiety and depression on a daily basis in a normal world – I’m proud of myself for handling this relatively well, considering that this is most definitely NOT a normal world.

Even still though, I feel like there are things I’m proud of this year – I bought a new car, I republished The Awakened Duology and finally published Benched, I bought a new bed and mattress which has had a profound impact on my sleep and mental capabilities, I ran my first 10K, I got 3 tattoos, gave up soda and so much more. There’s also small things to be happy for – I’m still working full time at my job, my employment is secure, I’ve been healthy throughout all of this.  Then, just a couple days before the end of the year, BAM! I got engaged?! WHAT. So yeah. There’s a lot to be grateful for in 2020, despite the world being a disaster.

That being said, I do want to set goals for 2021! I like having goals, even if I don’t always reach them and even if the world is crashing around me. Goals give me purpose and give me reason and keep me focused. I like having goals. I also know people roll their eyes are resolutions but I try to just think of them as attainable goals. I also try really hard to focus on improvements or small accomplishments and less on…taking things away or stopping things. Those sound so NEGATIVE! I try to make my goals positive and generally, it does seem to work!

So let’s do this, here are my goals for 2021  – 

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The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly challenge post previously hosted by The Broke and Bookish and now hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. You can follow along for each weekly post here. This week’s topic is all about the things you do when you’re NOT reading, which, for me, is a lot lately because I’ve barely been reading anything LOL. But honestly, it did take awhile for me to get new hobbies for sure! Reading is my number one hobby but I promise, I do like to do other things!

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Pandemic Has Totally Messed Up ALL My Reading Habits

I know I’m not the only one that feels like this year has literally been the longest year literally ever. I can hardly remember the beginning of the year, when things were so bright and possible. I had annual passes to both Disneyland and Universal Studios, I went to Seattle for my birthday, I had my badges all ready for WonderCon and San Diego Comic Con. I had high hopes for a wonderful year. Covid knocked a lot of us off of our feet and its been like a punch to the gut, mentally and emotionally, for me all year.

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