Sending Thoughts to the People of Newtown, Connecticut

Today, I was going to work on several blog posts: a Book of the Week post, a midseason finale post on The Vampire Diaries and Arrow, and a review of The Hobbit, which I saw last night.

I was on a high, extremely happy. I had a good night with my friends last night, eating good food and seeing The Hobbit at midnight.

I woke up to an absolute tragedy, a shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, where it is believed that 27 are dead, 18 of them children.

This is only days after a shooting in an Oregon mall and it is only a couple days after gunmen ran for cover at my boyfriend’s college campus.

I keep spontaneously crying. I’m not a mom, I don’t have children. I have friends with children. I have cousins who are children. I have children in my life whom I love.

I know the world isn’t perfect, I know that we are constantly battling so many bad things. And I try to stay optimistic, I try to believe that are good people out there and there are good things out there, because I know good people and I have seen good things.

But today, my heart is just breaking. 18 children. 18 children who went to school today, not knowing. 18 children who were probably getting super excited for Christmas.

Why do I feel like every time I go to a midnight premiere, a tragedy occurs the next day. I saw The Dark Knight Rises, and then the Colorado shooting happened. Its horrible.

Let us hope that this event has finally given our government the push to do something about gun control. Because, I’m tired of watching people die, for no reason, because of the acts of horrible, horrible people. I’m tired of feeling afraid…to go to school, to go to the movies, to walk outside my front door. And I would never want to be afraid to send my children to school.

So today, I will have a written moment of silence. No blog posts today (obviously, besides this one). Today, I put aside all the things I write about and today, we send good thoughts, positive thoughts and prayers (if you are religious) to all the people of Newtown, Connecticut, especially those who have lost someone. The entire country is with you right now.

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