Shadowhunter News: Movie Tie-In Books and Shadowhunter Clothes!

Today, on Twitter, Cassandra Clare announced, through Entertainment Weekly, that there will be THREE new books (well, two technically) coming out July 9th, to tie in with the release of the City of Bones movie in August.

The first book revealed was The Shadowhunters Guide.


According to, this will be “A four-color photographic introduction to the world of the Shadowhunters as portrayed in the movie, including character bios, the different factions/species/affliations, and a look at the important locations, runes, and weapons of the children of the Nephilim.”

Preorder the Shadowhunters Guide here.

The next was is the movie cover edition of City of Bones, the book.


This will be available as a paperback. And as much as I SUPER love the movie poster (seriously, what a badass postesr), I always get sad when they make the movie editions of books…

Preorder the movie tie-in edition here.

And the last one is The Official Movie Illustrated Companion


According to again, “A four color photographic behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie, including interviews/quotes from the author, director, actors and crew.”

Preorder for the movie companion here.

You can see the full article HERE.

Of course, I have already preordered the lot and am anxiously waiting for them. All the preorder links above are for Amazon, just so you all know. Also, remember the date of release is July 9th!

I probably won’t look at the Movie Companion until August though! I did that with the Hunger Games movie companion, I don’t want too much spoiled before I go and see the movie. I mean, I know what’s going to happen but I want to SEE it myself :)

Also, all over Facebook today, people have been posting this picture below of Mortal Instruments inspired clothing that will be sold by Hot Topic.


Now, while these look SUPER legit, and like stuff that Hot Topic would sell, I haven’t seen this posted by anyone that I trust, so its not 100% confirmed yet. I haven’t seen Cassie post this yet, and I asked a good friend of mine, who works for the Hot Topic corporation, whether they’re legit and once she gets back to me, I’ll get back to you! I hope these are real though, because they are SUPER awesome.

So what do you think guys?

You going to get these three books? Which clothing items do you like?

As always, share in the comments!

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