Shout out to Sarah!

I don’t normally do posts like these but I decided to do it because today I met an AWESOME girl at work.

For those of you that don’t now, viagra dosage I work at Disneyland :) I love my job. I’ve only been there a few months but I’m massively in love with it. I get to meet the best people, discount every single day, and I get to work around the magic every day. I seriously love it.

Now today, I met a special girl named Sarah. Sarah came into the store that I worked today and she was carrying a book. You guys know me, I couldn’t resist! I asked her what she was reading and she said very quietly, “Good Omens”. I immediately smiled and told her that I loved that book, and she lit up SO fast. I don’t think she was used to people recognizing the books she enjoyed reading. I told her Neil Gaiman is my spirit animal, she laughed and we got into a GREAT conversation about books.

I just wanted to throw a shout out to Sarah here on What a Nerd Girl Says. I shared my blog with her, and I hope she’s able to come and join in on the fun :) She was SO fun to talk to and I was so delighted to meet such an amazing reader, who was so young. It made my entire day and it was definitely the bright light of my day. She mentioned very briefly that most of the kids she knew didn’t really know the same things as her, and I knew exactly what she meant.

So this is a special shoutout and post to YOU, Sarah :) Keep reading! Keep reading everything you can get your hands on. Read Neil Gaiman. Read fantasy. Read trashy romance novels and read science fiction. Read comic books. You keep reading all those awesome fics on You watch all those old school movies, and you be YOU. You were a shining light in my day today and I was SO grateful and happy that I was able to meet you and talk to you today. I’m not sure if you’re going to see this but I definitely hope that you do! Thanks for being a reader, and for loving books and for talking books with me today!

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