Sneak Peek of My New Novel

So I know that I’ve been REALLY super busy lately and not writing as much as I usually do and I SUPER apologize for that guys, I truly do.

I’ve just been so busy! Its summer vacation and I had all these graduations and Jon (the boyfriend) is out of work and school right now so we’ve being doing a lot and its just been a crazy summer.

But the biggest thing that I am focusing on this summer is my newest novel about a young adult (age 21, not a teen) who lives in a town obsessed with baseball and the sort of drama that ensues. Romance, sports, what more could you need?

Evie is 21 years old and has spent her entire life in the town of Macon, where the California Rebels play, where the town is obsessed with baseball. Baseball was her entire life and she set her sights on baseball super star Jesse Valdez…but Jesse marries her sister and the game changes for Evie. Then Alex is drafted to the team, and she is hired as his personal assistant and soon baseball becomes her life all over again, whether she likes it or not.

I have a feeling that this is the ONE for me, you know? This is the book that’ll make it, that will sell, and help me reach my goal of being a writer.

So in apology for being pretty absent lately, I wanted to share the first couple paragraphs of this yet-to-be-titled novel, so you guys could have a sneak peak of what it is to come :)

Keep in mind that even this small little bit has the big chance of being changed!


I was born into a life of baseball. From the moment I actually entered the world, everything in my life was baseball. If my father had his way, he would’ve wanted me to actually be born in the Macon Baseball Stadium, where he had played for six years, although I’m sure there are laws about that. That was beside the point. What my dad would have really wanted was for me to have been born as a son. 

            Instead, he got me, and my twin sister, Lucinda. Once my dad got over the fact that he didn’t have a son, but two daughters, he went ahead and pulled us into his world anyway. We lived, breathed, ate, drank and slept baseball.

 We were born in Florida, and lived there until my dad was traded to the Rebels when we were five. We were raised in Macon, California by our Mexican mother, Sophia Garcia-Brennan, while our father, Scott Brennan played baseball for the California Rebels. Baseball was the beginning and the end of every single day. If I wasn’t sitting in the stands of Macon Stadium, my face covered in gooey pink cotton candy, then I was sitting at home, rooting my dad on in front of the television set. I knew Lou Gehrig’s batting average, and how many strike outs Nolan Ryan had in every no-hitter he ever pitched. I knew the difference between ERA and RBI and I knew what it all meant. I knew more about the Rebel’s hero, Cliff Davis, than anybody, other than my own dad. I went to Arizona for spring training and watched eagerly as the new rookies came in. I mourned the loss of baseball in the winter and counted down the days until April. 

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  1. chloe says:

    Gah how did I not see this until now? I can’t wait til you’re done and I get to read the whole thing, though I might have to do some baseball research first…

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