The Mortal Instruments Inspires a Songwriter!

So, back in December of 2012, songwriter and singer Beth Crowley wrote a song that she said was inspired by The Mortal Instruments, and Clary’s journey through the books.

I have never heard of this ever, until today, when it was reported on one of my favorite blogs, TMI Source.

So of course I had to find out what this was. And I found this:


I think its super beautiful. According to TMI Source, Beth said she is working on trying to get it put on the official City of Bones movie soundtrack and I totally agree with it. I kind of picture the movie having a sort of indie rock sound to it, but this would make a great bonus track, as the lyrics are so obvious to those of us who have read the book. In all honesty, it sounds like its Clary.

Beth said in the interview with TMI Source, that she could see someone like Demi Lovato singing but I don’t know, Beth’s voice is beautiful and I am up for a petition on getting this song on the soundtrack. Its a great song and its very personal to the story.

What do you guys think of it?

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2 thoughts on “The Mortal Instruments Inspires a Songwriter!

  1. Claudia García says:

    I heard that song a couple of months ago and I thought “It would be wonderful if Cassie heard this” and then today I go and check out Cassie´s twitter and found that song and I was like: “oh, god! oh, god!, oh god! she did it!”. And even if I don´t know Beth I´m kind of proud of her :) I think that if the song gets to be in the official soundtrack it wouldn´t be fair if is not Beth the one that sings it. I mean, is HER song. And I´m used to listen to it with HER voice. I want her to be the one that sings it in that case. I don´t know, I really, really wish her luck! It would be wonderful if she did it!

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