Tuesday Top Ten: A What A Nerd Girl Says Christmas List!

Its nearly Christmas time! Who is excited? I know I’m excited! I’m one of those people who literally rolls her eyes and scoffs at the Christmas holiday and music and all of that up until about 3 days before the actual holiday and then suddenly I’m like, healing “OHMYGOD ITS CHRISTMAS!” and that’s basically in the state of mind for me right now. Especially since I work at the Happiest Place on Earth so I’m really into that state of mind right now.

If you DON’T celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year, Happy Winter Solstice, whatever it is that you celebrate.

Today I thought I’d make a list of things that would be on my Christmas list to Santa :) I must admit, I do love me some presents. I would love to be like, “oh no, please don’t get me presents, you’re too sweet” but I totally love presents. But don’t actually get me presents haha. I swear. But here we go!

10. Mike Trout/Zoey Deutch

WP-AngelsMikeTrout zoey-deutch-08

Okay, that’s a little awkward. Maybe cardboard cutouts are a better idea. Both of these peeps are totally taken so well yeah, this one is fairly awkward. Cardboard cutouts. Let’s go with that. That’s definitely less weird…

9. Mike Trout jersey


So I already have an Angels jersey, duh. But the jersey I have is with my last name and my favorite number so I really need one with Mike Trout. Because you can never have just one jersey. No way.

8. Anything From Karen Hallion 


Karen Hallion is a goddess. She puts together two of my favorite things all the time: Disney and Doctor Who. And occasionally other nerd things like Star Wars and Game of Throne and stuff. I seriously love everything she does. She does a mashup and I just die! I want it alllllllll. Tshirts, phone cases, posters, etc.

7. Harry Potter 5-7 Ultimate Editions


Simple. I own 1-4. I need 5-7. Not too hard haha. They’re not massively expensive, I just have a hard time convincing myself that I need them in my life when I already own the regular editions of all of them.

6. Doctor Who Series 1-7


YES. I only own Series 1 and 5 (I know, so random) so I need allllll of these guys in my life. All of them. Plus it comes with all this extra stuff and a sonic screwdriver. What fun!

5. A New Car 


So I’ve been wanting a new car for awhile now but my brother has been seriously shopping for a car and while he’s shopping for a new car, I’ve been like, I need a new car in my life RIGHT NOW. I love my car, she’s great, but its going to be time very soon for me to get another one, a shiny new toy ;)

4. A New Tattoo


I’m always always always down for a new tattoo ;) I have 13 but I’m sure there will be others coming soon. Like a full sleeve. And a half sleeve. Another thigh tattoo. I’m all over this.

3. PS4

PlayStation 4-580-90

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my PS3. I would totally stick with that because its in perfect condition, really. But sometime during the 2015 year (come on, Naughty Dog, let’s get a date nailed down…) the fourth and final installment of the Uncharted video games is coming out and it’ll ONLY be for PS4 so…yeah, I have to upgrade. No way I’m missing out on that thing.

2. Books


Duh. I love books. Its kind of a hard thing to wish for though. Because I always want books in my life but I feel really weird about letting people give them to me as gifts. Unless they FOR SURE know what I want. I would rather buy them for myself because I know what I like haha. So maybe book gift cards are a better thing to want?

1. A Literary Agent


In all seriousness, this is my one Christmas wish. I know a lot of agents are out for the holidays so if this were to magically happen, it wouldn’t be until after the holidays. But it is my legit Christmas wish. I really want nothing more right now, NOTHING more, than an agent for The Awakened. I want someone to fall in love with Zoey and Ash and the story and want to help me in allllll the ways to get it out and in your hands, and I would forfeit every single thing above, and a lot of other things just for that one thing. So wish me luck on that :)

*      *      *       *      *

What are some of YOUR Christmas wishes this year? Share in the comments!

And make sure to have a happy and safe holiday this week!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Top Ten: A What A Nerd Girl Says Christmas List!

  1. Laura says:

    The ultimate editions are pretty cool! I know what you mean about books. I prefer giftcards to bookstores so I can pick the ones i want.

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