What A Nerd Girl Says Finally Gets a PO Box!

I know! I KNOW. Its intense. Its been nearly three years since I put this blog together so, this really, healing its about time I got official and got a PO Box.

Now I can send my address out to publishers and all that sort of thing without feeling like a weirdo for sending my home address. That just always felt super wrong to me.

Also! You guys are always asking for my address so you can send me stuff (which is WAY super cool) so now you guys can do that. I really didn’t feel comfortable giving out my home address, medications for many good reasons but now I’m excited to share my PO Box with all of you. It will be going under my “bio” info and also my Contact tabs here on the blog so it won’t disappear after this post.

ALSO! My birthday is in ONE week! I am legit SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited about this, you have NO idea, because even though I’ll be 27 and old or whatever, I’m excited for my birthday. I’m spending it at Disneyland with some of my absolute favorite people and its going to be a blast. And I figure, if I stay excited for my birthday every single year, hopefully, I won’t be so sad about getting older. But if you’d like to send a note or a card, or something, that would be fabulous :) I love getting mail, period so yay!

SO here it is guys:

What A Nerd Girl Says Official PO Box Reveal Time!

(I am so weird): 

PO Box 9632

Brea, CA 92822

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