What A Nerd Girl Says Was Broken…and Now Its Not!




It is SOOOOO good to finally be back.

For some reason, I still don’t know because technology confuses the heck out of me – What A Nerd Girl Says has been down since the beginning of the month. My amazing, wonderful, beautiful, one of a kind superhero of a web master has been working her ass off in her free time to get it back up and running and its been an ordeal for sure. Luckily this happened during the month of November when most of my concentration is on NaNoWriMo (38,518 words and counting…) but its still been incredibly frustrating. When I get stuck on writing my novel, I come here and work on a post or two, just to get some words out and then return back to writing.

Not having that escape has been so hard. Plus, after being SO good at posting nearly every single day for Blogtober, it felt so weird to not be able to post at all. I have reviews for The Mandalorian and posts on Disney animated films and I need to do an event recap of Marissa Meyer’s Supernova event in San Diego…its just been so hard to not be able to post.

The blog is finally back up and running and I had to completely redo the rebrand that I had done right before the crash. Luckily, since I spent so much time on it before, I knew what I had to do to get it back to the way it was before.

I appreciate all of your patience as this was fixed and redone and promise lots and lots of new posts coming really soon!

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