Event Recap – Kiersten White and “Slayer” with Adam Silvera at Barnes and Noble, Huntington Beach!

2018 admittedly enough was not my best year as far as events go but I definitely have resolved to have 2019 be a much better year for going to events and supporting the authors that I love and respect. I have been very excited about Kiersten White’s Slayer novel since talked about it on our WonderCon panel last March and immediately knew that I needed to go to her event at the Barnes and Noble in Huntington Beach – its so nice to have an event only 15 minutes from my house!

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End of the Year Book Survey 2018!

I’ve been doing book survey nearly every year since I started this blog and, yes, it is a tad bit late this year but as I’ve said in all my posts over the past week or so…December was a little insane for me and January, what little of it has passed already, has been all about catching up in all aspects in my life. This survey was “stolen” from the wonderful and inimitable Jamie from The Perpetual Page-Turner, one of the first book bloggers I ever followed, who had a profound impact on my blog and the way I approach blogging. If you haven’t had a chance to check her out, you most definitely should. Now to the end of the year survey that is just a few days late!

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Sara’s Top Anticipated Books of 2019

We’re a week into 2019 and I’m ready for the new year and new goals, especially new reading goals. And with new reading goals comes the anticipation of all the pretty new books coming out this year. I was originally going to do my top ten anticipated books but there were just too many to narrow it down to ten and I have no idea how many I have on this list now. Its not my fault – there are just TOO many great books coming out this year!

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December Wrap Up and January Goals!

This December was…well, slow as far as reading goes. While I managed to reach my reading goal (100 books) and pass it, I didn’t read much in December. December was a hard month. I spent most of the month sick as heck and then we had to say goodbye to Scout, my nearly 13 year old husky, so it was a rough month. I’m proud of myself for reading more books than I read last year and I’m excited to get back to reading and writing and blogging this year. Its a huge New Years resolution for me to get back to it the way I was doing it before.

I’m also jumping into a brand new challenge for 2019! I aiming once again for 100 books this year, but I am hoping to go over. I’m aiming low though because I also want to finish Legacy this year as well sooo lots of goals!

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Sara’s Top Ten Favorite Books Read in 2018!

I am very proud of all the reading that I accomplished this year. Last year, I only read 62 of the 100 books I wanted to. At the time that I’m writing this, a few days prior to the end of the year, I am at 103 books so I’m stoked. I reread a lot of books this year and, sadly, there were a lot of books that had been hyped up so much just disappointed me. That being said, here are the ten books that stood out the most to be this year to me! To be clear, these are the ten best books that I read this year, not necessarily the best books that came out in 2018

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November Wrap Up and December Goals!

It’s almost the end of the year which means that its crunch time. I’ve set a goal of reading 100 books this year aaaaaaand I’m at 99. I actually did fairly okay with reading in November, considering that most of my energy was spent on NaNoWriMo and my new novel, Legacy, but admittedly I did reread a lot of books. I’m now actively avoiding fantasy – which doesn’t do great for desire to finish the Throne of Glass series haha – since I’m writing one so the focus is now on science fiction and contemporary. Except for new books, of course!

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