ALA Annual Conference 2014 Weekend!

Hello all my beautiful butterflies :)

I’m so sorry that I have not posted all weekend! I’m currently in Las Vegas for the ALA (American Library Association) Annual Conference! I had kind of seen what it was in the past and I didn’t really think about going until Courtney, clinic the youth services librarian at Ontario, sickness and Jessica Brody really encouraged me to go.

I’m SO glad I did.

I’ve been having an absolute blast this weekend, approved meeting authors and writers and librarians and bloggers and all sorts of people in the book world. Very rarely did I meet someone who was not stoked on my “blogger status” on at the conference. Most of everyone I met was massively friendly and I talked BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS with everyone and that made me SO happy. SO different than going to Comic Con and WonderCon…everyone is SO much nicer! I also got a TON of books, especially some ones that I was especially looking for!

A full blog post/vlog post will be coming soon but thanks for hanging in there guys, and remember, you can always keep up with my shenanigans at Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr!

Much Love and Happy Reading!


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