Twilight Day Trip: Visiting Forks, La Push and Port Angeles!

When we initially booked our trip to Seattle, I admit that my mind did think of visiting Forks. I’ve been on a Twilight nostalgia kick lately, especially with reading the ARC of Tracy Wolff’s new novel, Crave, which comes out in April and gave me super Twilight vibes. However, when I saw how far Forks is from Seattle, I thought, okay well maybe not. Then a friend of mine told me how she and her husband rented a car for the day when they were in Seattle. They said it was a doable day trip.

I. Was. In!

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My Hike to the Hollywood Sign!

This year I’ve been very ambitious in trying to cross off items on my bucket list and in trying new things. I held myself back a lot for years and now I just want to try everything. Well, almost everything haha. This past weekend, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go for a hike – he’s a big hiker – and I told him absolutely, as long we could finally go to the Hollywood sign.

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