Matt Smith-Leaving Doctor Who


It’s happening, Whovians!

It was just announced today that Matt Smith will be ending his tenure as the 11th Doctor in the hit BBC sci-fi show, Doctor Who. His last appearance will be made this December, in the 2013 Christmas special.

Jenna-Louise Coleman was already confirmed to be the companion, Clara Oswald, in Series 8.

What do you guys think of this? Who do you think could play a 12th Doctor?

I am both surprised and not surprised. I though Matt would be in for one more series but it seems like he’s out early. It makes sense though. He’s been the Doctor for quite a long time and is probably looking to add other roles to his resume.

I’m really nervous about a new Doctor but I am excited as well. I’ve loved so many of the different incarnations of the Doctor so it’ll be exciting to see another one!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments!

Watch out for Hop-Ons!

In just a week, one of my absolute favorite shows of all time, Arrested Development will be returning for its fourth season, after being canceled during the third season back in 2006. The rights were eventually released by Fox and Netflix snatched that up and a fourth season was created, produced and filmed. It returns on May 26th, all fourteen episodes, available for streaming on Netflix. I cannot wait.

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Fandom Friday-Lost

Hi guys! Welcome to the Fandom Friday! This is the weekly post where either myself, or a guest blogger, talks about a new fandom. See, I’ve had the experience in my life where I’ve been made fun or put down about my particular fandoms. And that has made me feel pretty crappy. But I’ve also put down other fandoms as well.

So I’ve decided to change that. I’m opening my world up to new fandoms, and the best way to do that is to bring people in to write about various fandoms. We’ve had one about the Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices written by me, and one on The Big Bang Theory as well, written by Jackie, the brains behind Seeking Bazinga. Last week’s post was by Kathleen, talking all about manga. You can expect more from the Fandom Friday, like My Little Pony, Battlestar Galatica, Star Trek, Comic books, and so much more. I’m very excited about this segment.

This week’s Fandom Friday is by Crystal, all about J.J Abram’s popular show, Lost. Read all about Crystal here:

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My First Trip To Gallifrey One

Gallifrey one - 2012-1

I know. This is late. This is insanely, abnormally, ridiculously, inexcusably late. Normally I am so good with writing blog posts like these when they still have…you know, validity.

But man, February is SUCH a busy month. Right after Gallifrey One, I had an exam, my birthday party, a LADA event and then my actual birthday. I am such a busy girl.

March is even better as well. Lauren Oliver’s new book, Requiem, is coming out tomorrow and I’m attending a Q and A/autograph event on Sunday. And on and on…

So I apologize. Immensely. For delaying this as much as I did.

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The Tuesday Top Ten: Doctor Who Episodes

In honor of the fact that I just attended my very first Gallifrey One, the Los Angeles Doctor Who convention, this past weekend, I decided to make a Doctor Who themed Tuesday Ten this week.

I swear, a blog post telling you alllll about my seriously awesome times at the con will be coming very soon. I’m hoping tomorrow but let’s not get too optimistic, shall we? I do have some exams this week.

Moving on though, because of Gallifrey One, I’m on a Doctor Who high right now.

Can I just say that it was really hard to narrow this down? And now I really want to go back and start watching some of the old school Doctor Who episodes, especially that of the 7th Doctor, because Sylvester McCoy was the funniest little British man alive. Hilarious.

Anyway, here are my top ten favorite Doctor Who episodes. Enjoy!

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