Ms Marvel Episode One – Thoughts and Reactions!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! After what feels like about a million years, Ms Marvel is finally here and I’m so beyond excited! I am a HUGE Ms Marvel fan – I even named my little red car Ms Marvel – and I’ve been counting down the days til we finally got to see her brought to life. It’s finally here and guys?

I’m pretty happy with what I saw.


I’m not even sure where to begin when it comes to this show except I genuinely enjoyed it from beginning to end. The reason I’ve always loved Ms Marvel and the new, younger characters is because they give such a fresh, fun perspective to the Marvel universe. Kamala Khan is just such a likeable character and they pull that off in the show so well.

It’s after the Blip and Kamala is a normal sixteen year old girl, attempting to get her drivers license and failing, dealing with the pressures from her family and her teachers and being a total fangirl. She loves the Avengers but she has a love for one in particular – Captain Marvel.

Girl. Same.

Kamala spends the first episode interacting with her best friend, Bruno, and her family members, traditional but meaning well. She wants to go to AvengerCon because she’s put together an excellent Captain Marvel cosplay and she wants to enter the contest on the con and win, of course. Now, naturally, her parents are against this so she comes up with, uh, “foolproof” plan for her to sneak out, go to the con and come home, her parents none the wiser. When she shows up at the con and goes on stage for the contest, things change. She wears a bracelet – a thick, gold armband – found amongst her grandmother’s possessions – as her own twist to her costume and that seems to be the source of something new and exciting – Kamala having super powers. After she turns AvengerCon into a total disaster, but still manages to save some lives, she returns home to her mother waiting for her, knowing she has snuck out. Despite her mother’s disappointment in her, the episode ends with a happy Kamala, showing off her new powers in the darkness of her bedroom.

There is so much that I love about this show that I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ll start with – I just love Kamala so much. She’s young and relatable. She’s not someone burdened with great purpose. She doesn’t have a ton of enemies. She isn’t necessarily “special”. She’s a normal teen girl, one who writes comic book fan fiction, draws all over everything, hangs out with her friends and drinks a ton of slushies, loves her family but is exhausted by them – all normal teen stuff. She is a total fangirl for Captain Marvel, which I know I understand 100%. Most of the characters that we’ve grown to know over the years became superheroes because of the things that happened in their lives. Kamala has watched superheroes around her as she’s grown up and she looks up to them. She’s so real and genuine and she’s so hilarious. She’s everything that I love from the comic books and the Marvel Rising cartoons and now the show. She’s just so relatable and I think that makes her a fun and fresh character in the MCU. She has every day problems. She’s normal until she’s not anymore.

That is also why I love the portrayal of her family and her friends. It builds the normalcy and its going to make her story more fun. Other than, maybe, Peter Parker, everyone just sort of embraced superhero status and the people around them did as well. Can you imagine Kamala’s parents finding out that she has powers? I’m cracking up already, just thinking about it, because hello, my parents would have been the same! Kamala and I might be different kinds of brown but I can tell you, that overprotective family with tons of pressure – yeah, I get it. It’s also just nice to see a brown girl as a superhero. We’ve gotten America Chavez, as a secondary character, which is something. To have a female led show is amazing, regardless, but to have it be a young superhero, a teenager, and a brown girl at that, with your typical, average normal Pakistani family – it just feels nice. Fresh. Normal. Relatable. Super needed. I feel like Kamala and her family are going to make a big impact on a lot of watchers.

I also really like the way the show is made. Its so gorgeous. The comic book feel of it. Each scene feels like a panel in a comic book and I love the way things happen in the background. If you haven’t seen it, its really hard to describe, at least for me. I just love the way text messages show up in words in the background or how conversations Kamala has turns into moving graffiti art. I’ve never really seen anything like that and it looked super cool and really flowed with the story. I liked that drawing was a huge component in the story telling. It connects to Kamala as a character herself and it also just really drives home that this is a comic book story. I found it super fun and creative and unique, just something I hadn’t seen before and I really liked it.

All in all, I’m already super enjoying the show. I love all the characters that we’ve met so far and I just love how different this show is compared to what we’ve seen in the past with Marvel movies and TV shows. It’s lighthearted and fun and Kamala is such a great character and I think that this kind of superhero origin story will be a lot different than what we’ve seen in the past and I am so here for it. I know things are going to be different from the comics, but they always are and I’m okay with that. I can like the comic books and the adaptations based on them. Superheroes can often be super fun and I think its been awhile since we’ve had fun. The last few things we’ve gotten – Black Widow, Loki, WandaVision, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Moon Knight – all have their darkness and their tragedy. That’s all great but its kind of refreshing to bring something lighthearted and fun to the MCU.

I mean, that could totally change haha but for now, I’m enjoying the humor and the normalcy of it and I can’t wait to see what happens next with Kamala. I can’t wait to see the hijinks that are sure to happen as she navigates having powers and I can’t wait to see her morph into Ms Marvel. I hope we get some appearances from some of her friends like Doreen or Riri, but I’m not super holding my breath haha. Either way, that is a STRONG as hell opening episode and I’m already so stoked for episode two next week!

Have you watched the first episode of Ms Marvel Yet? WHat did you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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