“Dear Cassandra Clare” to be Featured on Shadowhunter Stelecast!

I have some SUPER exciting news to share!

The awesome people behind the podcast, Shadowhunter Stelecast, is bringing us on their weekly Wednesday night show this Wednesday to promote the Cassandra Clare project.

For those of you who may not know what that is, check it out here. If you are a TMI or TID fan, you will DEFINITELY want to check out this project.

Luckily enough, the girls behind Shadowhunter Stelecast heard about our project and wanted to share it on their podcast this week, to talk all about our project and hopefully get the word out to more people about how super awesome it is, and how you can all be a part of it.

So this Wednesday night, 6 pm PST (to find out what time that is in your time zone, click here), us girls from iFandoms Collide will be promoting our project :). Tatiana (from City of Shadowhunters) and I will be on air for the actual podcast and Megan (from Megan’s Mouth Speaks) and Sylvia (from FanGirlFeeels) will be live tweeting the events at the official iFandoms Collide twitter.

Now, where can you listen to this awesomeness?

The podcast will premiere on Shadowhunter Stelecast’s radio page, right HERE, again at 6 pm PST on Wednesday, May 8th.

We really hope you guys are able to tune in! As soon as its posted on their page, I’ll share it here, so those of you who may have missed it, will be able to listen!

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