Shadowhunter Ink-Showing Permanent Love for The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices

One thing that I’ve noticed in my nerd adventures is that we aren’t afraid to show the love we have for the fandoms that we love. I have seen permanent ink on people’s bodies for the coolest fandoms and I’ve been stoked to share mine back with them.

But I’ve never met anyone who had a Mortal Instruments or Infernal Devices tattoo.

And I thought to myself, that can’t be. I can’t be the only one, no way!

So I went on a search for some fellow Shadowhunters who had tattoos like me :)

And here is who I found! Check it out!

Sara (me)

Age 25, Southern California, USA

There are two reasons why I got my Fearless tattoo. One, because I am a HUGE fan of the books. Cassandra Clare is a rockstar and her books have done so much for me and I wanted to show that love for her books, the way I did with Harry Potter. Two, I got the fearless rune because all my tattoos kind of have to do with fear and overcoming it. And what I like about Cassie is that she says we don’t overcome fear, but we learn to control and accept our fears and I think that’s brilliant and its something I strive to do every day

My favorite TMI book is City of Glass because it had SUCH a perfect ending and I just can’t get past how good it is, and it has some of my favorite quotes. My favorite TID book is Clockwork Prince. I love all the questions it leaves unanswered…until Clockwork Princess, obviously. My favorite characters are Jace and Alec. Jace…well because he’s like my fictional boyfriend, and he’s brave and stupid and snarky and sarcastic and in love with Clary and awesome. Alec is one of my favorites because he is so opposite of Jace but he’s so caring and flawed and I love how he overcomes his fear of admitting he is gay.

Oh and that’s Harald Zwart’s signature underneath my tattoo haha. He signed it at the LA Times Festival of Books.

This is obviously my blog haha and you can follow me on twitter here.

* * * * *


Age 23, Illinois, USA

Why did you get your TMI/TID tattoo?

“Let’s see, the first one I got was my fearless rune. Mostly because I was kind of a scaredy cat. Like I was afraid of everything: heights, spiders, thunder, roller coasters, sliding glass doors(don’t ask…or do, either way, blame it on Keanu Reeves), airborne contagions, people that hang around at bus stops after the buses stopped running, it was all very terrifying. And I was tired of being a chicken. I wanted to be a badass, like Izzy! So I got the tattoo, and voila! Now I ride motorcycles with no helmet…which is probably just stupid. But it makes me feel like a bad ass.

And I got the “Ignis Aurum Probat” at the same time for a couple reasons. The Iron Sisters are pretty awesome. And the actual philosophy behind the quote(it’s from Seneca, btw) has proven very true through out the course of my life.

And then I got the clairvoyant eye, because, well…I’m clairvoyant, damn it. Nobody really believes me except for one person, but that’s ok. I have dreams, sometimes they come true. Sometimes I try to tell people, but they never listen. And then they break their leg, when I specifically told them NOT to jump off anything more than 6ft high.”

What is your favorite TMI/TID book?

“Oh, this is a hard one. So very hard. Maybe City of Glass? I felt like I had waited so long for Idris, and the epic final battle, oh it was so good. Oh but City of Fallen Angels nearly killed me! It. Was. SO. GOOD. But then I died, because being a Jace fangirl basically means a life of eternal torment . But of course City of Bones, I was so excited when I found out Cassie Clare was getting published( because I’ve been a fan since she was just a fanfic writer) even though it meant the Draco Trilogy( also amazing) was taken offline.”

Who is your favorite TMI/TID character?

“Another toughie! Umm… Church! Hah! J/k it’s Jace, obvi, I mean, I am a red blooded not-so-teenage-anymore girl. How could he not be your favourite?”

You can follow Mercedes on Twitter here.

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Age 22, Germany

Why did you get your TMI/TID tattoo?

“Why I got the tattoo … It was a really fast decision. I went to bed the other day and could’nt fall asleep and I was thinking about the books and the characters and the fanfics and the movie and then that idea hit me … And on the next day I went to the tattoo studio ’round the corner and showed them the model and then we made the date. I wanted to surprise my best friend with it and hopefully soon she will get her parabatai rune too :) (She was super excited :D)”

What is your favorite TMI/TID book?

“I honestly can’t name one. They are all wonderfully written and full of so many scenes I love, so … all of them!”

Who is your favorite TMI/TID character?

“That’s obviously Magnus Bane. I love him so much and I think I am going to die if he and Alec don’t get back together in CoHF. Really.”

You can follow Nicole on her blog here and her twitter here.

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Age 59, Georgia, USA

Why did you get your TMI/TID tattoo?

“The reason I got the healing rune is because I have chronic pain in my right foot that makes walking difficult.”

What is your favorite TMI/TID book?

“So far my fave TMI book is City of Ashes”

Who is your favorite TMI/TID character?

“Fave character is Clary . I also think Valentine is exciting, this could be due to the actor portraying him, Jonathan Rhys Meyers”

You can follow Anne on Twitter here.

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Why did you get your TMI/TID tattoo?

“The reason I got it is because I was diagnosed with manic depression and the only thing that help me get through the really bad episodes was reading. At the time I was reading City of Glass and was already in love with the characters and story and I have a habit of tattooing my favorite things on my body so I had to cone up with a great one for TMI. Since I was going through so much struggle I figured strength is what I really needed and what better way to get it than how a Shadowhunter would. I absolutely love my rune and plan on getting more. This has to be one of my all time favorite series.”

What is your favorite TMI/TID book?

“My favorite book is a toss up between City of Glass and Clockwork Princess”

Who is your favorite TMI/TID character?

“My favorite character has to be Jace. I am absolutely in love with him.”

You can follow Angelica on her Twitter here and her Tumblr here.

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Age 34, South Florida

Why did you get your TMI/TID tattoo?

“It was an important stage in my life at that time starting a new business of my own and runes had always been on my list of tattoos to get done. Fearless and Equilibrium just seemed fitting. I wanted to be assertive in this new venture and needed some balance to handle all my other responsibilities at home, at work and my children. It was very symbolic for me :)”

What is your favorite TMI/TID book?

“Favorite TMI is City of Glass and Favorite TID is Clockwork Prince”

What is your favorite TMI/TID characters?

“Will Herondale, Jace Herondale and Magnus Bane”

Ursula declined sharing her social media, but I can pass along any compliments you may have!

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Age 20ish (her words haha), Philippines

Why did you get your TMI/TID tattoos?

“Aside from I loved TMI, it serves as a reminder that whatever hardships I am going through or whatever pain I feel, you know it would always heal…”

What is your favorite TMI/TID book?

“My favorite tmi book is City of Lost Souls”

Who is your favorite TMI/TID character?

“My favorite character is Simon Lewis.”

You can follow Kate on her blog here.

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Hope you guys enjoyed seeing these SUPER cool tattoos and learning about the people who got them!

I am ALWAYS looking for people who have nerd tattoos, of ANY kind, so please drop me a line here and I’ll feature you in the tattoo spotlights!

11 thoughts on “Shadowhunter Ink-Showing Permanent Love for The Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices

  1. katfromhell says:

    Awesome tattoos! I want the healing/painless rune in the exact same place as Kate lol what a coincidence.
    I love how all of you had the courage to get them tattood on you :)

  2. Nicole says:

    Aw, thanks a lot for featuring me!
    It’s nice to see and I like also the other girls tattoos :)
    I am very proud to be a party of this fandom!

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