Flashback Friday!

So my dear friend Erin over at That One Geek Girl, does a post weekly called Throwback Thursday where she’s shared writings and poems and pictures and stuff and it got me thinking. I’ve made it clear, OH so very clear, that this whole nerd, fangirl, reading thing? Yeah, its not new to me. I’ve been writing and reading for most of my life. So I dug out some pictures and my poetry and writing notebooks and I decided to share some today.

I’m doing this with great humility and hilarity. These pictures are so funny already (and they’re only like…ten years old…) and my writing cracks me up at how tragic I was when I was a teenager. So here we go!

And my epicly tragic poem from from June 2004, when I am…16 years old. Enjoy the heartbreak that I totally was NOT feeling.

Leaving Me

I see the way you are with her
I see you look her way
I know that you would leave me
its such a price to pay

She’s gorgeous, yes, I realize
A girl like that, I’m not
But one day you said you loved me
Did you forget all that I have got?

All the love seems gone from us
I know you want to cheat
All this time seems wasted
A relationship ended in defeat

The binding is now breaking
the contract torn in half
All spent are the times we used to have
All the times we used to love and laugh

I sit her and I wonder
What am I supposed to do?
I know I should not think it
But I’m utterly lost without you

Your hand doesn’t hold mine anymore
I miss those kisses so sweet
Your feelings are locked up so tight
and our eyes don’t seem to meet

I know I should just overlook you
and all the love we used to share
How could I possibly still love you
when you don’t even seem to care?

My tears are slowly shedding
down my cheeks until my lips
You just there and stare at me
watching as my heart slowly rips

*     *     *     *

Seriously, how ridiculously tragic was I at sixteen? I hadn’t even had a serious boyfriend yet. I am alternately embarrassed and completely amused. I hope that my writing has improved since then. I seriously hope.

Happy Friday everyone!

6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday!

  1. Mina says:

    Cute pictures!

    Oh, I can relate with horribly written angsty poems. Luckily, I think I lost mine and have no idea what it was about anymore. Haha

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