I’m a GoodReads Author!

Its official! I’m a GoodReads author on the GoodReads website.

I’m really, really very excited about this. I had tried pretty hard to become a GoodReads author, when I published Another Chance for Summer. And its actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. I applied to be a GoodReads librarian to just add my book and that didn’t work.

And then the other day, I was browsing through my GoodReads account (remember, how I told you how obsessed I am?) and I noticed someone on my friends list had “A Little Less than Famous” on the “currently reading” list.

I actually had to scroll back up because I didn’t even realize it. I kind of half way pay attention to the books that people are reading so it took me a second to realize that they were reading MY book.

And that MY book was actually ON GoodReads. The best part is there are reviews on it, good and bad, which is always okay.

(Side note: I hate when people tell me that my book ROCKS and its so GOOD and all that. That’s wonderful if you actually think that but if there’s something wrong, or something that you don’t like it, please be honest. I can’t get better if people don’t tell me. Okay, side note over)

But there are reviews and there are people reading it, and people putting it on their “to-read” lists and its just awesome. It’s another outlet besides this blog, my facebook page and my twitter page to help and promote my writing. Its a wonderful, wonderful thing.

So I immediately applied to be an author on GoodReads and take control of my GoodReads author page. I was approved today and I now have an actual page! I feel fantastic and accomplished…and it just feels good. Its one more avenue to get myself out there.

So check out Goodreads like I urged you all to do a couple weeks ago, and check out my page and become a fan!

I’m so excited!

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