It’s Doctor Who Weekend! Gallifrey One!

Finally! Finally! Finally!

Its Doctor Who Weekend! Its Gallifrey One, viagra sale the Los Angeles Doctor Who convention.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 1.10.31 AM

I went for the first time last year, viagra and had such a blast that when badges went on sale a few weeks later, I bought one IMMEDIATELY. I’m so glad I did because they sold out within a week or two.

Now, its been a year, and I’m so excited to be partying it up, Doctor Who-style all weekend. Its going to be a blast. While I’m disappointed that Billie Piper had to cancel, I’m really looking forward to meeting Mark Sheppard and Arthur Darvill and being on a convention panel for the FIRST TIME EVER!

That being said though, I’m going to be VERY busy this weekend, and I honestly have NO idea how much blogging I’m going to get done.

However, I won’t abandon my social networking completely, because, let’s be honest, I don’t think its physically possible for me to avoid social media for that long. I love it! And I love you guys!

I may not be posting on the blog much this weekend, but I will be posting as much as I can on the other medias.

So make sure to follow me on these:

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I’m going to try my hand at something new this weekend too. I keep saying that I’m going to vlog more and I don’t, so this weekend, I’m going to try and vlog Gallifrey One and we’ll see how that goes. Let’s see if I can bring What A Nerd Girl Says to YouTube!


Don’t forget to enter my Vampire Academy giveaway while I’m away! You can win all these awesome prizes below!


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And have a fantastic weekend everyone! See you soon, and keep up with my Doctor Who shenanigans on all my social medias!

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