Just A Little Note…My Book is Almost Here and I’m BUSY!

So I promise you, and my loyal readers (all six of them), and some other people to have my novel, A Little Less than Famous, done by December 10th. And that didn’t happen. So I promised to have it done and ready for you all by January 10th.

Which is Thursday.

Which is only a couple days away.

That was dumb.

So, basically, today and the next couple days are going to spend basically working my ass on finishing it. Luckily, it was already finished and I had done some major editing on it already. Now it just needs to be finished.

So I wanted to put a little note up to tell you guys that its’ coming! It may not be up by Thursday, but it will be up by the weekend, I promise.

Which means NO blog posts until then!

Because I will be writing and editing all week.

But I will miss you all and I promise blog posts will be coming soon, after my dear A Little Less than Famous is finished and ready for all of you to experience on Kindle and Nook!

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