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For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t know), the Liebster Blog Award is an award that is given to a blog with less than 200 followers (I have about 40 so that’s definitely me) and its basically to given some recognition to those up and coming blogs who are just starting or are trying to get some notice.

I’d really like to thank Geeky Book Snob blog for nominating me for this award.

In order to really accept your nomination, you need to thank the people who nominated you (done, and done. I am so gosh darn polite), you need to paste the award image on your blog (done, and done again), and you need to choose other bloggers to nominate for this award (see below).

Another little necessary tidbit for this award (I’m learning as I go here people haha), is to either tell the word 11 little facts about your or answer the questions that your nominators asked on their blogs. I kind of have both of those. So what I’m going to do is do 6 little facts about me, answer five questions from the Geeky Book Snob‘s blog and then finish with my own nominations. How does that sound? You don’t like? Well, its my blog now, isn’t it?

6 Little Facts About Me

1. I am currently writing my second novel. The name of the novel is A Little Less Than Famous. My style of writing is definitely my own, but my biggest influences on my style would be Meg Cabot and Sarah Dessen. The book centers around a young woman named McKinley Evans who meets famous Jake Kennedy and how their lives are changed. It should hit Kindle and all other e-readers by December.

2. I have five tattoos. I have the Deathly Hallows symbol tattoo on my right wrist, I have “wit beyond measure” on my right wrist and “man’s greatest treasure” on my left wrist. I have the Rebel Alliance symbol on my back, just below my neck, and “The Last Enemy that Shall be Destroyed is Death” on my left shoulder blade. Then on my right ankle I have musical notes from my favorite Something Corporate song “Konstantine” and the word “Always” from Harry Potter.

3. I read really really fast. I mean, seriously really fast. I usually blow through a book in a few hours, if its a brand new book. I read Deathly Hallows in roughly five hours. I just finished The Casual Vacancy in about six hours, Mark of Athena in about four, etc. I just blow through books. I could read probably about 4-8 books a week, if I had the time between my friends, my boyfriend, my family, work and school.

4. The current television shows that I watch are Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, Revolution, Switched at Birth, Suburgatory, The Walking Dead, Guys with Kids…and I think thats it. For now. :D

5. My favorite movie in the whole world is Star Wars: A New Hope. (Empire Strikes Back comes a close second). People always find that insanely surprising. “What, Harry Potter isn’t your favorite movie?!” No, its not. I adore the HP movies but they’re not my favorite. Star Wars is. Harry Potter is my favorite BOOK.

6. I have two favorite places in the world: Disneyland and Angel Stadium and I spend a ton of time at both of them. I love Disneyland because I’ve been going there since I as a kid and to me, no matter how crowded it gets or how much it changes, it just never loses that magic. Why do you think I’ve had an annual pass the last three years? And Angel Stadium? Well I love my Los Angeles Angels, my Halos. I love baseball and I love being there to see my guys play.

Now, questions from my nominator:

Who would you want to have dinner with most in the world?

Easy. Joanne Rowling. I mean, she’s my main girl. She’s amazing. The way she transformed the way we write and the way we read. Her books changed my life. I don’t have 3.5 Harry Potter tattoos for no reason. I would be awed just to be in her presence. I think I would cry during the whole dinner and not be able to actually thank her.

What is your favorite word?

Awesome. If you read this blog, you know that too. I use the word awesome every day in some way or another. I may say it to actually mean awesome or I may use it completely sarcastically like “oh, awesome” when I really mean is “oh, crap”. Awesome.

If you could choose 5 songs that would be the songs to the soundtrack of your life, what would they be?

I’m a boring person so I don’t feel like I’d really have a soundtrack to my life. I mean, I read, I write, I watch movies and TV shows, I hang out with my boyfriend, I go to Disneyland and Angel games, I don’t really have an exciting life haha. So I’ll list my five favorite songs: “Konstantine” by Something Corporate, “Fall” by Something Corporate, “Homesick at Space Camp” by Fall Out Boy, “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin, and “The Calendar” by Panic! at the Disco.

What is the word you hate the most?

I hate the word “won’t”. Its different to say you can’t…and its another to say you won’t. (Sometimes I think when people say can’t, it just means they won’t.) I just feel like…its often said it terms of doing things for other people or even just doing things for yourself. And you should always do things for other people and for yourself.

If you could choose your own name, what would it be?

I always thought of that when I was younger. My name is Sara so I shared my name with basically my entire grade when I was in school. I thought about going by Elizabeth or Liz or Beth (that’s my middle name) and sometimes I do still think about it. For the most part though, I’ve grown to like my name :D

My Nominations:

The Urge to Write

Seeking Bazinga

The Nerdy Girl

I don’t know a whole lot about this award but I’m honored that there are others out there that would nominate me for something like that, not because I really think I have a shot at winning, but mostly because it means that people are out there actually reading this thing and its not just me, talking to myself in the form of words. I think the biggest compliment a writer can get is to read so that’s really awesome. :D

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