May the 4th Be With You – Favorite Star Wars Characters!

Happy May the 4th be With You Today! Today is the day we celebrate all things Star Wars, which is one of my favorite things to do. I love Star Wars – I have TWO tattoos – and I’ve wanted to be Princess Leia basically since I came out of the womb. Even though I do work today, I’ll be spending the day listening to the soundtracks and I’ll watch one or two of the movies once I’m at home.

In the meantime, I want to share some of my favorite Star Wars characters with you all!

Princess/General Leia Organa

Princess Leia has been and has remained and will remain one of my favorite fictional characters across all genres of storytelling. I looked up to her as a kid because she was a princess who was smart and could save herself. As I grew older and really was able to dissect who she is as a character, the more that I loved her and looked up to her. She was smart, tough, and could take care of herself but she was also feminine and vulnerable and I loved that. Leia showed me that you could be a multitude of different things and still be considered STRONG. She is my hero, alongside the woman who brought her to life – Carrie Fisher. Add in that she continued to be an amazing character as she aged and I just will never stop loving Leia.

Ahsoka Tano

I’ll admit it – when I first started watching Clone Wars, I was irritated as all hell by Ahsoka but as time went on, I got it. Ahsoka can be a little annoying in the beginning because she’s young, naïve and still learning and the events of her life mold and shape her into the intelligent and badass character that has become one of the best characters in the entire Star Wars universe. I love where she goes as a character, both animated, voiced by Ashley Eckstein, and when they brought her to life in The Mandalorian, played by Rosario Dawson. I cannot wait until her show comes to life because she truly is one of the best Star Wars characters and deserves her own show, her own story.

Han Solo

Han Solo is the probably the reason that I have such an addiction to bad boys with a heart of gold. I don’t go for villains. I go for the boys that THINK they’re the villain but truly are heroes and have good hearts. Han Solo absolutely started it all. I love his sense of humor, his ridiculousness, the way that the people who love him believe in him but also are constantly shaking their head at him as well. I love that he is sarcastic and that he thinks he’s beyond saving but he obviously isn’t. He’s everything I want in a rogue, scoundrel main character and so I continue to love him forever.

Sabine Wren

Sabine is a badass and easily my favorite part of one of the best parts of Star Wars – the animated show, Rebels. My knowledge of Mandolorians is very minimal and I loved that my introduction to them wasn’t the Mandolorian show but actually Sabine. She’s a great fighter, a great strategist, is an amazing friend and tries to do right by her people. I keep hoping that she’ll appear in the Mandolorian but no such luck so far. I am hoping soon. She’s really one of my absolute favorite characters and I have her symbol, combined with Ahsoka’s fulcrum symbol, tattooed on my arm because the firebird symbol is an early rendition of the rebel alliance symbol, also tattooed on my body. Sabine is everything.

Padme Amidala

If you asked me to rate Padme simply on the movies alone, she probably wouldn’t make my top ten favorite characters simply because I think the movies did a great character a total disservice. She started off awesome and the progressively got worse as the movies went along and it breaks my heart that her character was just full on cheated on her development. That being said, I still like her character a lot and after reading the EK Johnston books that take place during the prequel trilogy, I honestly fell more in love with her as a character. The Padme that we get in those books is indictive of the character that I wanted Padme to be in the movies – strong, resilient, unyielding, caring, compassionate, badass as all hell. Because of those books, I absolutely ADORE Padme and she is one of my favorite characters.

Cassian Andor

Okay to be fair, I have a soft spot in my heart for Diego Luna because he’s a great actor and absolutely adorable and I’ve had a crush on him since he played Javier in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, which admittedly is not a great movie but I still enjoy it thoroughly. I love that he is in a Star Wars film and I canNOT wait until his show because I simply want more of this character. I think there are a lot of layers to Cassian and that we only get to see such a small bit of it in Rogue One and I just need more. Plus its just so refreshing to see some Latino blood in the galaxy.

Hera Syndulla

If you haven’t noticed already, I am a HUGE fan of the Rebels cartoon show. To be fair, I think its some of the BEST Star Wars content out there, hands down. A lot of that boils down to its characters, like Sabine above. Another amazing character from the show is Hera. She’s the pilot of the Ghost, a revolutionary, just an all around badass character and honestly, the mother figure to everyone on her ship, in the best way possible. I don’t think she gets enough love compared to other characters but she is EASILY one of the best!




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