Music Monday: “Who’s Lost and Found Now?” by Green Light Theory

“Who’s Lost and Found Now?” by Green Light Theory 

I made it! Technically its still Monday :)

I’m sharing a band that I super love and that need YOUR help to achieve a dream of theirs! They want to get on Warped Tour this summer, more about and let me tell you, page they SO deserve it :) They’re awesome, passionate, dedicated and they make me laugh. I haven’t seen them in so long and it makes me sad as hell. They are seriously awesome guys. And YOU can help them get to Warped Tour. Follow THIS link (please, please do it!!), and get their rating up on their page. Listen to their songs, leave comments, etc. And make sure to follow them on all their super cool pages below!

I don’t have lyrics for this :( Sorry. But watch it anyway and sing along. I first saw them do a pop up acoustic thing outside a Set it Off show and they completely sold me on just that!

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