Novel Share Saturday {1}

Novel Share Saturday is the newest in weekly segments on What A Nerd Girl Says. Saturdays are a day to take a break from talking about all the books I’ve read and focus on my other hobby – writing! In this segment, I’ll post excerpts and passages from past, present and future projects, I’ll share short stories and poems, I’ll give advice and answer any questions and so forth. I hope you enjoy!

Today I’m going to share both the unofficial synopsis of the novel I’m working on now called Legacy and its prologue. All of this is in first-ish draft status so please be kind! I hope it also goes without saying that this is all absolutely copyrighted and belongs to me!


Emery McKenna is the heir to a long line of fierce women Dragon Riders, which might be one of the coolest things in the world except for one important detail – there are no dragons. They disappeared some time ago, though Emery has no knowledge of the what, where, when, why or how. Her mother reminds her of her legacy every day, how important it is to embrace it, but its hard to live up to a legacy that doesn’t exist anymore and so Emery focuses on herself, now and the future, throwing herself into school and extracurricular activities and getting into college.

When a long kept secret lands Emery with a newborn dragon, she must face the inheritance she has always thought would never be possible. Secrets about the past unravel the more she learns and a mysterious stranger with knowledge of her own hurtles Emery headfirst into her role as a Dragon Rider and makes her question everything she’s ever known about herself and her family.


We call it the Mountain, with a capital M, like it makes it more important. In reality, it’s nothing more than a squat patch of sand that lies sandwiched between the vast Pacific ocean and the two that I grew up in. My town is fairly small, a coastal town, tucked in between the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles and Southern California and the hipster, techie cities of Northern California. The beach stretches for miles in front of us and the deep redwood forests cluster behind us. It is the place that I was born, where I grew up, the only place I’ve ever known, the only place I know best.

It looks so foreign, unfamiliar, strange to me now. 

I can feel the heat from the small blue oval nestled carefully between my knees as I look down at the sleeping town. It’s about the size of a football and it’s been as cold as ice for eighteen years. It has been dormant and quiet. Until this morning. Until the clock over the mantel clicked from 11:59 to 12.

I sigh and the breath rose in front of me before disappearing, as if it had never existed in the first place. Today, I am eighteen years old. Today is now the most important day of my life. For years, I thought this inheritance was long dead, never forgotten but impossible. But now, there’s no escaping it. At midnight, I turned eighteen and this evening, I was finally given the truth.

I’m Emery McKenna and this is my legacy.


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