What A Nerd Girl Says Secret Valentine 2014!

In December, sildenafil I participated in an awesome feature over at one of my favorite blogs, The Broke and Bookish, a sort of Secret Santa across the country. I decided to do a smaller version with some of my close fangirl friends and fellow bloggers and it was awesome, so I decided to do it again for Valentine’s Day.

And then I thought to myself…I’m going to extend this out to you as well!

Before I get into all the rules and fun and all that, I do need to make something VERY clear. This will cost money. Simply put, it will require the purchase of a book or two, and an extra goodie and such, not to mention postage to another state (possibly country, if you’re interested).

I encourage you ALL to participate BUT please do not sign up unless you are 110% sure that you can and will participate. I will be very disappointed if someone misses out on getting a gift because you could not send a present. Please be VERY sure.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, here is the information that I need to make you a part of it!

The deadline for this information is January 15th! I will remind you again at the end of this blog post! 



Your Full Name: 

Yes it does need to be your full name. You can’t really send a package to just a first name. Or at least I don’t think you can…

Your Blog:

If you have one. One, they can follow you, yay! Two, it’ll help them get to know you. You guys seriously get to know me from this blog.

Your Full Address: 

Pretty self-explanatory.

5-10 Books You are Interested in Reading: 

Keep in mind: make sure you choose books that you will NOT buy in the next month. Your Secret Valentine is spending time and money to send this to you so make sure they don’t send you a book you already own!

You can also share your “To-Read” list from GoodReads or your wish list from Amazon, if that is helpful too!

Other Fandoms You’re Interested In: 

Are you a huge Doctor Who, Star Wars, Disney, Supernatural, etc fan? Share! Anything to help your Secret Valentine pick out goodies for you.

Anything Else You’d Like to Share: 

Are there particular candies you like? Do you collect shot glasses or keychains? Do you love silly socks or drinking tea? Again, share! Anything that can be helpful.

International or Not?

Anyone can participate from any country. But there are some things to say:

If you would prefer not to ship international, please let me know! This is incredibly important. If you don’t let me know, I can’t guarantee you won’t get someone in a different country.

If you are IN a different country, you’ll probably be shipping to another country. I can’t guarantee someone from your country will be participating so please keep that in mind when you sign up.

*      *      *      *

I hope that you can all participate :) The deadline to get this information in to me is JANUARY 15TH. 

Emails will be sent out with the information on your Secret Valentine, the deadline to send your package, and other rules by JANUARY 20TH. 

Oops forgot to put my contact info. Please email this information to whatanerdgirlsays (at) gmail (dot) com with the subject line: Secret Valentine!

Thanks to The Broke and Bookish for such a great idea!

Can’t wait!

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