Blogversary Announcement – BENCHED, A New Adult Sports Romance, Coming September 2020!

Its What A Nerd Girl Says 8th Blogversary today!!

I can’t believe that this little ol’ blog has been around for eight years. I started this blog on a whim – I hardly thought it through. I think the only thing I truly thought through was the name, something that I’m SO glad I thought about because its been my moniker, my identity, for 8 years. This has been so insanely important to me. I was scrolling through Facebook this morning and was taking a look at my memories and I posted something that really resonated with me today. I didn’t celebrate much last year, mostly because I had started a new position at my work and had just moved into an apartment. But I really expressed myself well. Here’s what I wrote:

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Join Me on May 23rd for an Instagram Live Event to Celebrate 8 Years of What A Nerd Girl Says!

Can you believe in just about TWO weeks, this blog, this little ol’ engine that could blog will be turning eight years old? Honestly, I hardly believe it myself most days. I’m SO excited for it though – trends kind of come and go and while I know that book blogging and blogging in general aren’t really cool anymore since Instagram and YouTube are where a lot of people get their content nowadays, I’m glad that I’ve stuck with this blog as long as I have. It makes me happy and its a place to go to share my love for books and all things nerdy.

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BIG News! The Awakened is BACK! All the Details Here!

I know, I know, my blogging skills nowadays are totally lacking. I’ve honestly just been SO busy – I’m still working my full time job, I’m trying to keep up with a decent reading schedule, maintain my health and fitness routine, and so on.

But there’s a BIGGER reason on why I haven’t really been blogging much lately and that’s because I’ve been working on something HUGE and something BIG. The something-HUGE won’t be announced until May 23rd, the 8th birthday of this blog (WHAT!). However, I’ve been working really hard on the something-BIG and if you follow me on Instagram at all, you’ve already seen the news!

That doesn’t mean I can’t share it here too!

After nearly two years of being off the market – The Awakened and its sequel, The Sanctuary are being republished on June 16th, 2020 in both paperback and ebook!

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NaNoWriMo Day 5 Check In! Looking for Guest Bloggers!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to peek my head in and remind everyone that this month is NaNoWriMo and I am participating for the 7th year in a row! I’m really excited – I haven’t written much of anything since last year’s NaNoWriMo and I’m really feeling this new project. In fact, we’re on day five and I’m a little over 15K words in, with a plan to hopefully hit 20K by tonight.

So far, the blog has stayed pretty busy because I’ve had some planned posts. I did want to warn you that the blog may be a little sparse this month because I’ll be focusing more on my word count for my new novel and less about staying on top of blogging. I hate to do that when I’m on a roll, and with the revamp and all, but it is what it is. NaNoWriMo is an important time of year for me and I’m really attached to this secret new project that I’m working on.

In the meantime, I did want to let you know that I am looking for guest bloggers for the month if you’re interested. You can do a review for a new book you’ve read, a movie or TV show you’ve watched, a video game you’ve played. You could talk about a fandom, you can express an opinion about something going on in the fandom community, you can try your hand out on a fandom foodie recipe. I’m open to anything, really, I just want this month to be as full as other months and I’m not sure how to accomplish it.

If you ARE interested in writing something, please email me! You can reach me through the contact tab above OR at whatanerdgirlsays (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks guys! I appreciate your understanding every November when I disappear. Don’t forget that you can follow me and my progress on my NaNoWriMo page!

Wish me luck!

My Writing and Publishing Journey

Nicole Mainardi has been a friend of mine for quite a few years now – as a blogger and fellow reader and as now a fellow author. Her debut novel, A Curse of Thorns, was published back in March and is a wonderful Beauty and the Beast retelling. I was so proud of her – I’ve watched her journey from afar and I know firsthand how hard it can be in the publishing and writing world. She wrote recently on her author blog about her journey as a writer and it got me thinking a lot about my own journey and how I wanted to share that with you all. You can read Nicole’s post.

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Novel Share Saturday {6} – Plagiarism and Ghost Writing

Novel Share Saturday is the newest in weekly segments on What A Nerd Girl Says. Saturdays are a day to take a break from talking about all the books I’ve read and focus on my other hobby – writing! In this segment, I’ll post excerpts and passages from past, present and future projects, I’ll share short stories and poems, I’ll give advice and answer any questions and so forth. I hope you enjoy!

This week I’m talking about some taboo subjects – plagiarism and ghostwriting. Because ghostwriting is getting a lot of attention due to some scandal in the romance genre, I wanted to talk about my opinion of it and what has gone down around us.

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