City of Ashes Movie Confirmed!

Excuse me while I go and die of fangirl AWESOMENESS!

I am so excited right now. I am overwhelmed with absolute happiness.

Imagine the smile on my face when I logged onto Twitter and saw THIS:

Now of course, we can trust Martin Moszkowicz because he is the executive producer of City of Bones. City of Ashes, of course, is the sequel to CoB.

I am so excited. This is honestly the best news that I could have ever gotten. Not only is Martin working on the Infernal Devices trilogy, the first one to be Clockwork Angel, but he’s moving forward with City of Ashes. This is fantastic, fantastic news.

My biggest excitement with this is the fact that the Seelie Court scene happens in this novel and that is BY FAR my absolute favorite scene in all of the five (soon to be six) books. Its just such a desperate and sexy and dangerous and awesome scene.

I am dead with fan girl feels right now.

How excited are you guys!!!

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